Thanksgiving in Small Spaces

This year, I'm hosting Thanksgiving for four: my parents will join me and my fiancé at my apartment. The day is devoted to cooking and eating -- other than a walk down the street to our friends' place for dessert, we're going to do nothing but lie around my home, talking and eating and, once it's the appropriate time of day, imbibing. No problem, right? ...more
@theorderexpert You're so welcome -- it was a really helpful post. I love this additional tip, ...more

Seven Strategies for Organizing Small Spaces

By Sarah Welch and Alicia RockmoreSmall is beautiful. It’s also hip these days, especially when it comes to living spaces. Hung over from decades of consuming like it was going out of style, millions of Americans are embracing the simplicity movement with both arms. They’re often starting at home, downsizing to smaller, more modest homes rather than sprawling McMansions....more

1. Birthdays

The Tank and Magpie sucked their cards emblazoned with a sparkly ‘1’ and chewed Cadbury-coloured wrapping paper, but had no idea what the fuss was about. I don’t know our dogs’ birthdays, so they are not celebrated.  Klefti is about 8, Purdey is around 7 and Tatty, the only dog actually purchased, is about 14 (we’ve lost her papers). ...more