Too Many Missed Opportunities? Power Off Your Smart Phone!

The courtroom is hot. The lawyer drones on and on. The jurors are bored. The judge is bored. His Honor’s gaze strays over to the jurors. One juror seems relatively awake. That’s because said juror is texting one-handed, surreptitiously, down by his knee. But his interested expression gives him away. The judge booms: “Bailiff!” The bailiff strides over to the embarrassed juror, who now of course can’t find the %^& off button, and confiscates the phone. The two minutes of excitement having passed, the lawyer resumes the drone, boredom sets in once again....more

Computing Buying Trends- Informal Survey

What are you purchasing these days insofar as computing hardware?TabletsNotebooksNetbooksSmart PhonesDesktopsWhat are you using to connect [i.e., notebook, netbook, tablet, smart phone] and what are you using for productivity [i.e., netbook, notebook, desktop]?...more

If Google is God, Apple is Jesus

It isn't long after entering the realm of blogging and social media that one becomes acutely aware of the power of Google.-Google is far and away the most commonly used search engine. -Google dangles its top secret algorithm, almost tauntingly so, at big business and SEO gurus alike. -With a click of a mouse, Google can knock out major players like JCPenneys for not playing by the rules.And if that isn't enough? Don't forget that "Google" has become a verb....more

Way to get on BlogHer! And with the awesome Mac/PC post, no less. ;)

NotJustAnotherJennifer ...more

How Intelligent is the Smart Phone?

Cece is channeling Andy Rooney again!  You know…Andy Rooney who hates it when things change?  Beloved curmudgeon on 60 Minutes? Cece has had her Smart Phone since November.  Since that time, she has had to update the software twice.  Once in February and then once again this past Friday.  Not only does she have a smart phone, but she is also on the  Google Cloud.  None of this is her choice mind you….her phone is in a pilot program at her office with the Google Cloud!...more

You're Part of the Study

In the wake of the recent anxiety storm over Apple and Google’s collection of data through phones, the chatter about privacy and data mining rose by a few dozen decibels, as well it should have. As consumers who seldom think beyond convenience and entertaining gadgetry, we need to fully understand the flow of information that affords us those services....more

10 Reasons I'm Against Kids With Cell Phones (Don't be a sucker)


My husband and I lean towards you with cell phones. I have found myself thinking about getting a ...more

Get Off The Phone, Soccer Parents

The oldest boy is playing soccer. The kind of soccer where they actually have practices and games and as a parent you have to go. He's so excited he can't see straight. He's also not very good at it. That's fine. The boy isn't all that athletic. Maybe he'll grow into it. Maybe he won't. But he's having fun, and he thinks he's good and loves it. To me, that's what it's all about at this stage in the game. ...more

I am kind of surprised by all the comments and how negative they are. I am a coach and have ...more

Hurry! 2 Days Left To Enter To Win 1 Of 8,000 Wet Seal Gift Cards

Do you “Love to Shop” at Wet Seal? If so, you have the chance to win a $5000 gift card from Wet Seal. All you have to do is download SWAGG from the App Store or Android Market, register an account, then enter the promo code WSXOXO in the ‘More’ section. That’s it! The sweepstakes runs from Feb 11-25 and over 8,000 gift cards will be awarded.   Click here: ...more

Bliss for Fashionistas - The Swagg App!

The Free Mobile Swagg  makes shopping at retailers such as  American Apparel, Crocs, ArdenB, Wet Seal, American Eagle & Steve Madden a breeze!  Get the FREE Swag mobile phone app (compatible with iPhone, Android the new Blackberry Torch) to send gift cards, store all your other gift cards (ditch the plastic), get discounts and more!  You buy and send  gift cards and purchase off your gift card, using the bar codes that appear on your phone (works just like swiping a credit card!)....more

Finally, You Can Instantly Send Gift Cards on Your Phone to Others with the FREE SWAGG APP!

Have you heard about the Swagg App?  It’s a mobile app compatible with iPhone, Android the new Blackberry Torch that makes gift giving easier than ever.  The app allows users to buy, send and swap gift cards to friends and family, all from their mobile phone.  American Apparel, Crocs, ArdenB, Wet Seal, American Eagle, Live Nation,, Omaha Steaks & Steve Madden are among the the ever growing list of retailers who accept Swagg....more