The One Way to Declutter Your Mind

If your mind, sometimes, feels like a huge mess with all kinds of stuff piling up towards the ceiling, you are not alone. I guess, almost everyone has felt like it, at least once in their lives. You, generally, have two obvious options: Leave everything as it isDo something about itBut how do you clean this mess up? It's not like you could just use buy some fancy shelves to put everything in order, is it? I know, this is one of those annoying questions you just don't seem to find an answer for. What if I told you there is an answer? Learn something new Learning has been proven to increase the brain capacity and to make you a better thinker, but you already knew it, right? Okay, I will be even more clear. ...more

Who Is Smarter in Your Marriage?

My husband and I have different educational backgrounds. I really enjoyed all my years of school, made excellent grades and went off to complete college in less than four years. My husband's experience was different , as he doesn't have many fond memories of classes....more
I want to add that years of schooling don't necessarily mean smarter. Sometimes you can have ...more

Wonderful Wednesday - Making Life Better with a Team

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to work with a team in order to get things done....more