Dr. Oz enjoys the Good Life with new magazine

He's a new grandfather, talk show host and best-selling author. And now Dr. Mehmet Oz has a new magazine. New magazine launches are always risky. Increasingly, consumers are flocking to the Internet to read for free. And many of us have the attention span of a gnat (swat!).  Despite those odds, Dr....more

Friday's Mommy Mix

Friday, February 22--Every Friday I pick three or more tidbits from the news to highlight. Today’s Mommy Mix includes: a great resource for calculating calories from Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul Challenge, a sunny gift idea from Etsy because yesterday’s Etsy idea has already sold out, and finally what TV shows do you think are the smartest? Compare your list with the top ten list from the MENSA chairman. For more information on today's Mommy Mix, check out my MomathonBlog.com post at http://www.MomathonBlog.com. ...more