A call from the past...

This year I entered the land of the living and bought a phone that was smarter than me. Similar to how I use my brain and my gym membership, I use my smartphone to about 10 percent of its capacity. Maybe.I text, I check email, I "like" friends' statuses on Facebook, I monitor my blog posts, I drive by the voice of my GPS, and, occasionally, I make a phone call. Smartphones are the latest in a line of changes in communication I have seen in my short life....more

Kids and Smartphones: How Old?

How old is old enough for a kid to have a smartphone? Right out of the gate, I’m saying 16, and I know there’ll be some backlash from that. Some will say it all depends on the kid; others will argue there’s no right answer. Here’s why children under the age of 16 should not have a mobile phone:...more
My youngest had a smartphone before 16. All the kids had texting before 16. (*all kids who hit ...more

Are Smartphones Endangering the Future of Television?

Since its inception in the early part of the 20th century, the television has been a mainstay in homes across the planet. With the advent of gadgets that allow us to watch movies and TV series without cable TV, however, the landscape of television is just about to change.For instance, the rise of smartphones, such as the BlackBerrry 10, iPhone, HTC One and Samsung just might pull the plug permanently for the television. Suddenly, the future of TV is no longer as certain.History of the TelevisionMade available to the public in the 1920s, the television was a huge step forward in private entertainment. By the 50s, advertising companies realized the potential of TV exposure, hence the prime rate of TV advertising, even up until today.In the 70s, additional forms of entertainment were produced for use with the television. For instance, TV attachments became popular, such as the videocassette recorder. There is also the DVD, Blu-ray, and the various game consoles which are quite popular today. You would think the TV is safe from extinction. But is there really a future for television?...more

Mobile Trends Driving Internet Growth, Changing our World

Apps, devices and connectivity are indispensable to how we live our lives today. The world is going mobile. Ok, that’s an obvious statement. But think about its significance. Everywhere we go, everything we do, we’re carrying a smart, connected mobile device. Be it a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, mobile devices have become an essential tool to get where we’re going, to make important decisions immediately, to keep us productive on the road, to make dinner reservations, entertain our kids and even secure our homes remotely. We’re always connected, but we’re only at the tip of the ice berg in terms of how it will change our world. ...more

How to clean your iPhone & iPad?

t’s common sense not to place your iPhone/iPad in running water or using some domestic products to clean them, right?Well you will be surprise to know how many times it happens to people… everyday…...more

Almost 5% of Smartphones Lost Every Year

McAfee and Ponemon Institute recently released “The Lost Smartphone Problem,” a study that attempts to determine how many employees’ smartphones are lost or stolen, and the consequences of these lost cell phones on various organizations. Among the 439 sample organizations, the number of missing smartphones is significant: 142,708 in one year....more

Phoning It In

Saturday morning is soccer practice. While the daughter is out on the field, I walk/run the track above, but tomorrow, I could join the other parents in the stand because as of tonight I have a smart phone too.Every Saturday, they sit with bums glued to hard plastic chairs and thumbs and eyes glued to their phones. A few have commented on my taking time to exercise instead of watch my daughter practice, but if I did sit with the other parents, I'd have been the only one watching the practice....more

What's in a Name: Apple Announces the iPhone 4S -- Not the iPhone 5

The buzz around Apple’s announcement this morning was thick. Will it be the iPhone 5 or “just” an iPhone 4S? Will people leave their Android based phones for the the iPhone if it’s “just” a 4S? Will the world end if they don’t go with a 5 or will the world end because they didn’t follow the 3, 3G, 3GS, 4s, 5 pattern that they could have created if they’d gone with the 4S? Now the wondering is over and it is official: Apple announced the iPhone 4S this morning. The world did not end. Let’s see what this new iPhone has to offer....more
Definitely need one of these - shame about the design - I thought they could have done something ...more