Should You Worry About Smartphone Security?

Every industry involves four main parties. There are, most obviously consumers and manufacturers. There are also those who provide services or supplies to the manufactures, or produce peripheral products that work in tandem with the original product. Finally, there are the watchdogs, keeping tabs. Watchdogs are usually either government regulators or third party nonprofits. IBM predicts rising mobile threats, critical infrastructure attacks in 2011....more

mCrime Takes A Leap Into Profitability For Criminals

Cellular phones are becoming a bigger target for crime. As smartphones continue replacing landlines and billions of new applications are downloaded, mobile crime, or mCrime, will inevitably increase....more

Don’t Forget Your Roots: Email Marketing for 2011

An article by Web Success Team contributor Alyse Speyer showing us how email is still a very powerful online marketing tool....more

How smartphones have changed travel with families

Traveling today is different than it was just 2-3 years ago.First, it's a little easier to take some basic safety precautions. Before setting out, snap some pictures of the kids in their travel clothes. If you somehow get separated, it will be simple to show others what your child was wearing. ...more

Smartphones - Productivity Tool or Time-Suck?

I admit it. I must be the only techie person left on the planet who doesn't have a smartphone. I have a cell-phone, I've texted, and I've even accessed the Internet from my tiny, tiny phone for a desperate sports score check or weather scoop when traveling, but I don't have a shiny smartphone. Why? I haven't decided yet if it would be a productivity tool for my business or a simple, expensive, time-suck. ...more

Thanks to the BlackBerry Bold, I'm no longer reduced to talking on the phone....Like an ...more

Staying Organized Using Technology

Last week I explained how to go paperless to reduce your clutter. Part of going paperless is being extremely well organized. That's what I want to discuss today: how to be organized using the technology at your fingertips: Google applications, smartphones, and a few gadgets and ideas. ...more

I totally want one too. I just know it would make my life easier and more organized. ...more

Are iPhone applications becoming too expensive?

Are iPhone applications becoming too expensive? There are some who seem to think so - the average price is $9.00 for a the paid applications. It seems like most of these are actually games. I am wondering how many of you have downloaded games that you paid for? Call me cheap but heck the phones cost enough by themselves - there is nothing like a good cheap bargain. So for now I look for the best of the free applications. ...more