Smash is Anything But

Smash debuted its second season last night in a two-hour, two-episode extravaganza. And although it's clear that everyone is working hard to sell this Broadway baby of a series, it still isn't as fun as it should be....more

"SMASH": The Return of the Blond Bombshell

A few months ago, the new Broadway musical drama Smash premiered on NBC, causing me to immediately cycle through Jane's Sad Stages of a New Television Series.  These steps are similar to the famous Kubler-Ross stages of grief, except it's more like the stages a show goes through before the network cancels it. ...more
@BlogHer I love #Smash! I look forward to it every week!more

Innovative Women Defy Economy & Have Fun While Making $$$

The turmoil in the economy, financial stress and worries are driving a smashing business today. A former veterinarian, Sarah Lavely is finding plenty of patrons want to pay to relieve stress by smashing things! The idea came to the California entrepreneur at a low point in her life when she thought she’d just love to go somewhere and smash something; and realized perhaps other people would pay for the opportunity to smash something in a safe, fun environment. ...more