Becoming a Single Mother by Choice

Making a choice to parent on your own is huge and it is scary. It is also liberating. You are making a decision and acting on it on your own timeline. You are calling the shots about when you will become a parent. ...more
Gosh, I love this post and want to sit down by a campfire on a beach and talk to you (and Issa) ...more

Second thoughts.

For a while I’ve been having second thoughts about adding a second child to our little family.  This is not about the choice between having another biological baby or adopting from foster care (as if it were that simple).  It’s about whether or not to have a second child at all....more

Enquiring minds.

There’s been a rash of government enquiries here in Australia into various aspects of donor conception.  First off the blocks was the Australian Senate Inquiry into Donor Conception in Australia.  It was a broad ranging inquiry, and as is the way of these things, the Committee responsible included a spectrum of political perspectives from fascist to bleeding heart (I write that with wry grin and a nod to Foucault).  ...more

Not so Fly, Girl

What I am about to say is absolutely based on gut feelings towards a movie that I have not seen, nor do I have any intention of seeing unless it is a sponsored event by a new cast of Mystery Science Theatre and I can bitch and moan all the way through until the closing credits. And yes, I think it is obnoxious that I am going to say what I am going to say based on my feeeeeeelings, but I have tried to ignore them and it isn't working out so well. ...more