Hidden Dangers of That New Car Smell

Ah, the smell of a new car! It is the smell of success, an inextricable part of America's love affair with the automobile, the scent of a three-ton version of Proust's madeleine. But as we're finding out about the chemical origins and the biological consequences of that new-car smell, many of us are moving from "How do I preserve it?" to "How do I get away from it?"...more
Always always keep vodka in the house. lol You could just use rubbing alcohol which is cheaper. ...more

Motherly Advice

     I heard the bells...more


I am the only woman in my office. There are 6 other people - all danglers. And we all share ONE bathroom. I should have known that when I saw the fan on it was code for "danger." But someone, who shall remain nameless Denise said I should go ahead and do it. I was a "daring woman." That was a HUGE mistake. So much so that I had to put this note on the door. ...more

That's pure genius.more

What is in a smell?

Today in a group, I made popcorn for my residents who have AD,  It was amazing to see how they perked up with the smell of popcorn in the air.  It is just one more tool that we can use to help people with AD connect and reminisce.  It made me want to look up the top five smells in the world in order to use them as a tool.  After searching the internet, I came up with my own list.  Starting with number five, baked goods, Christmas trees, fresh laundry, cinnamon and the top recognized ...more

Janet~  Thank you so much for your response.  I love getting feedback from my blogs.  I ...more