Meatless Monday: Home-Smoked Feta

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordToday’s Meatless Monday post is an attempt to show the things you can take time over to enjoy if you’re not eating meat, to craft and flavour with consideration and attention. To make meals that evoke envy, not pity. Home-smoked feta!...more

How To Cold-Smoke Your Own Halloumi Cheese

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordNo, this isn’t a dream… I have smoked me some halloumi!...more

How to Cure Gravlax

I love smoked and cured fish, and have since I was a little girl. Lox and bagels and cream cheese on a weekend morning were one of my favorite treats, and I always fought for the biggest share of smoked salmon when it was available.  I don't remember when I first learned about gravlax, the Swedish variation where the salmon is cured in a marinade rather than smoked, but I loved it too, from the first time I tasted it. It has stayed on my list of items I want to make at home for a long time, though I still haven't actually tried it. However, with this round-up of resources at the ready, I'll be curing gravlax in no time at all! ...more

Lisa, I never realized it was quite so simple...and now that I know, I can't believe I haven't ...more