My worst fashion failures

When it comes to fashion, sometimes I think that one of us is failing the other. I’m not sure who is doing the terrible job here, but I can confirm that with some trends that are out there, the situation somehow ends in a complete failure. ...more

Small Eyes? How to Do a Colorful Smoky Eye

I am not a makeup pro by any means, but I know a couple of tricks which might maybe help one or two girls. So here are my little tips if -- like me -- you have small, hooded eyes....more
Do you mean because your mascara or eyeliner is smudging? Have you tried to use waterproof ...more

You don't need an eyeshadow palette to create a sexy smokey eye! here's how to do it with just one makeup product!

I love a great eyeshadow palette don't get me wrong but when you are a working mom and you have limited time, dealing with a full kit of makeup can be overwhelming! So choose an eyeliner that has a bit of a greasy feel to it which makes it easy to blend. For example I have brown eyes and I sometimes use an eyeliner by smashbox called wish! it is easy to blend and it is a dark emerald green which compliments my eye color and it helps create a soft smokey look for day time....more