No one wants to see your butt, especially birds

Walking to the grocery store the other day, I watched as a man took a final drag off his cigarette and then threw it onto the sidewalk. Sights like that are so common, seldom do they even register in my brain....more

Kids exposed to tobacco smoke more likely to develop ADD/ADHD symptoms

You likely already know that tobacco smoke is bad for babies in utero - and even second-hand smoke for babies/kids. But this study has linked tobacco smoke to symptoms of ADD/ADHD. first exposed to tobacco smoke after birth (vs. in utero) have a 1.3 times higher rate of behavioral issues. Kids who were ALSO exposed in utero have a doubled risk of these issues....more

Dykes Smoke Fags

I want a cigarette. I suppose that on it's own, that's not a particularly strange thought.  Throughout my life, most people would probably consider me a social smoker.  I smoke when I'm drunk, when I'm around friends who are smoking, when I'm upset.  Especially when I'm upset.  Always when I'm upset. ...more

What a  funny and honest post.  I was a social smoker than stopped until I moved to ...more

Avoid Wet Butts in Your Jeans

Some kids collect seashells, bottle caps, rocks, marbles, trophies, baseball cards, coins. Most kids collect things they see as an extension of themselves. Things they are proud of and can display on a shelf and share with other people. They bring their conversation pieces to school for show-and-tell, spread them out for other people to pick over, admire and wish they were the lucky ones who found all those neat things. Not me. ...more

Smoking- Public Health or Personal Choice

I read Mir's blog on the topic of Obama's smoking and commented on it. I think it was only yesterday. I had commented that I really felt it was none of my business if a person wants to smoke. When I went back today there was a new comment. This comment pointed out that smoking is a matter of public concern because, while it is some other person's CHOICE to smoke, the non-smoker does not CHOOSE to inhale second-hand smoke. ...more

Americans care if Obama smokes... maybe

President Obama has been in office for just over an eighth of his term, now, and despite the state of the economy and clamor about healthcare reform, CNN decided it was time to conduct a poll about whether or not Americans condone Obama's smoking. Huh. Setting aside the obvious issue of whether or not this is a matter of grave importance, I found the results of the survey somewhat unremarkable: ...more


I don't know the answer to that either.  But I do think you're right.  If he ...more

An open letter to Whoopi Goldberg.

I posted this the day Whoopi went on her rant on The View about people villianizing smoking both on my WordPress and Blogger blogs. I meant to post it here as well but didn't have the time. So today I'm playing "catch up." (BTW, if you're ever curious about me the Blogger blog has the most posts that really give my personality away and WordPress has most of the same posts, but not entirely.) Dear Miss Goldberg, ...more

If you're alive, you're probably addicted to something. What are you addicted to?

So many addictions, so little time. What are you addicted to? Smoking? Coffee? Chocolate? Soda? Sugar? Food? Exercise? Blogging? I haven't based this on any scientific study, but it's my observation that... If you're alive, you're probably addicted to something. ...more

 I am dependent upon peanut butter. Next week, on my blog, I am posting a picture of my empty ...more

“The smoker’s imagined lover laments . . . “

In the middle of their conversation, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. With a practised tap-tap, he places one between his lips, smiles at her. A flaming match is protected by the cave of his hands. When he leans over to light the cigarette, the tender place at the back of his neck is exposed. ...more