Beauty for a Queen Bee

Our very own Lil Kim (also affectionately nicknamed Queen Bee after the original sexy rapper) was in need of a makeup makeover.  And she knew just the girl to make it happen. LK invited me over to show her some new looks but rather than taking my own kit that overflows with the latest and greatest in skincare, haircare and cosmetics, she instead wanted me to go through her own stash to show her what should stay, what should go and how to use it all.  When I got to her place, she had all her goodies out on display.  ...more

Easy on the Eyes

Women tell me constantly they don’t have time to do their makeup. And I’d like to, politely, call bullshit. Armed with the right tools and techniques, a pretty palette can be produced within minutes. Sure, I can spend over two hours perfecting a bridal beauty look – that’s when it counts and is absolutely necessary.  But I can also stipple some shimmer and line some lids in under 60 seconds flat.  Don’t believe me? Just wait til I start uploading video. ...more