How to Use Sage for Smudging

I recommend smudging to many of my clients, students and callers on my radio show as a way to clear negative energy and negative entities.  Many ask for tips on how to use it.  So, in the video included and in this article, I relay the history behind smudging, the reasons for using a smudge stick, the best type to purchase and how to burn sage to clear negative energy and entities....more

My Little Victory Garden: Predicting the Need for a Smudging Ceremony

Nature is heralding the summer heat in Oklahoma with fortissimo intensity.  At night, the tree frogs talk to the world with their throats wide open and their volume buttons cranked full to the right. During the day the locusts (you say cicadas, I say locusts?) track the heat waves by vibrating their deafening buzz into rhythmic rolls. In my hot, damp garden soil millions of microbial bugs and extra-small spiders or beetles are working overtime, fueled by perfect conditions to break down a rotten tomato here, or a forgotten carrot there....more