Evening Snack Mania

Within one to two hours of finishing supper, there is a common theme in our home.  We begin to crave evening snacks and we start to ponder what might tickle our fancy.  I am not sure what it is or why we have allowed this awful habit for so long, but it is practically a ritual.  I realize; however, that this is directly related to feeling uninspired and not good for our waistline....more

Snacking Mindfully

My friend Kim texted me last week, and suggested that I write a post about snacking for “snackaholics” like her.  I thought it was a great idea. What are some ways to maintain healthy habits while snacking?I don’t feel that there any real problems with snacking, as long as it is done mindfully and in moderation. Personally, I find that snacking leads to issues for me when I am just dipping my hand into a bag of something and eating just to eat, rather than eating because I am actually hungry....more

Toddler Snacking: Is It Really Necessary?

I think all caregivers know the power of snacks when it comes to young children. I certainly do – I never left the house with Glo-Worm without a Tupperware of cereal, a granola bar, or a bottle of milk that I could give to her in the stroller when we were walking home from our daily trip to the EYC. I did it partly because I knew she’d start to get hungry, and when she got hungry, tantrums quickly followed, and partly because it guaranteed that she’d have something to do in the stroller that wouldn’t be followed five minutes later by her hurling it in annoyance to the ground....more

5 tips to curb mindless grazing

As you may remember, I gave up sugar for Lent – not added sugar, but anything that might resemble dessert....more

Build A Moat Around The Pantry

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and drinking enough water, but it still can be hard to get those 64 ounces down (or whater your personal goal is). I find it easier to do when I am at work, essentially chained to my desk with a water bottle or two at my side. But on weekends, I really slack off on the water.  I like to enjoy an endless cup of coffee in the morning, and it may be 11:00 or even lunch time before I have any water (not including what I sip during my workout)....more

My Boyfriend Is Making Me Fat!

It's completely his fault, what with his constant cooking of delicious food and his regular exercising that allows him to eat so much deliciousness with abandon. Including desert. Certainly it's not *my* fault, the one who actually controls my hands and my mouth and my schedule. Oh, my South Beach Diet, where have you gone and how did I ever let you go? Pasta and potatoes, you are my most hated enemy. One I have been consuming with alarming regularity lately. ...more

A lot of people get fat when they get married, and you guys are putting it on while in ...more