Wonton Snack

Have you been keeping up with March Madness?This is the first year I have actually been interested....more

Crisp and Buttery Homemade Crackers

These will be a hit at your next holiday get-together!Artisanal crackers are a popular hors d’oeuvre around the holidays, making an appearance on cheese and charcuterie platters and served alongside various dips or spreads. They add an elegance that saltines just can’t match. But they’re expensive. You might pay upwards of $5 for a dozen crackers....more

Cheese Cripsies

Over the weekend I finally saw the movie The Hundred Foot Journey....more

My Grandmother's Homemade Chex Mix - *recipe on the blog

This is a recipe that is made over and over in our home – New Jersey & Chicago.  The recipe for my grandmother’s Chex Mix – Dill Nibbles.  It is absolutely irresistible and I can guarantee you will have problems keeping your hands out of the bowl…Whenever we have this made in our home, all you hear when someone snacking is “Get these away from me!  I can’t stop eating them… I have to walk away”.  I promise, you’ll feel the same way....more

Healthy After-School Snack Ideas for Kids!!!!

Healthy After-School Snack Ideas for Kids!!!!...more

Mini Pizzas

I used to be a horrible morning person. All growing up I could never get up in time for school. My dad would come in on a bright sunny morning with extreme excitement in his voice. "Honey, it snowed last night!" I would try and process which season we were in, whether I should be excited or simply the sad reality that what my dad just shared was absurd. It was summer, 70 degrees by 7 am and my dad is trying to get me out of bed with snowflakes....more

Oyster Crackers: Perfect snack for the kids!

Do you want to know what really amazes me?  How people can spend hours and days and weeks studying something and still get it wrong, but then can recall every detail of a memory down to a smell from so far back in their childhood.  One of my fondest memories as a child, you guessed it - something to do with food, is going to my grandma's house in Louisiana....more

Fun, Easy Snack: Parmesan Pepperoncini Crisps

These Parmesan crisps are great for snacking or as an accent piece for dishes like Grilled Chicken Salad with Balsamic Dressing. The crisps are cheesy, nutty, delicious and easy to make. So easy in fact, you will be making them all the time. ...more
Yummm!!  I can't wait to try!  :)  I've always just eaten the crispy parts of the shredded ...more

Best energy bars for the 'mungries': Munchies cravings plus hunger

It's a common problem:  It's not meal time, but your stomach is grumbling: "Feed me, feed me." You've got a case of the munchies. We like to call it "munger" (munchies plus hungry). And we also like to keep healthy snacks on hand just for those "mangry" situations. What works? We recommend keeping a variety of options on hand. Protein bars can satisfy your "munger" but it's important to read the labels. Look for ones that are low in sugar and high in protein. Among our favorites:...more

No Bake Protein Packed Crispy Rice Bars

NO BAKE PROTEIN PACKED RICE CRISPY BARSPosted by Let's Have Mixture in Brownies & Bars, ...more