Long Live Snail Mail

You know that great feeling when you open your mailbox to see a handwritten card specifically meant for you? Someone took the time and energy to write a message, buy a stamp, and put that card in the mail. For you. It’s such a great feeling, and a long lost art. I don’t remember where I first heard about Punkpost, but they make sending a handwritten card easy and beautiful. And I promise you, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love them!...more

Making Your Own Greeting Cards - Frugal & Fun!

I often purchase cards, and if you’ve turned over a greeting card to look at the price on the back lately, you may have been as surprised as I often am.  $5.00 for a card?! ...more
Fabulous job. You mentioned patterned paper, if I don't have any hanging around, where could I ...more

Social Media Killed the Holiday Card?

I used to send out holiday cards every year, religiously. Friends and family were far-flung, and the once-a-year opportunity to reach out, to wish them well, to show off my kids (yeah, I said it), and to check in, was something I relished. It was a ritual I looked forward to, and as the cards started arriving from folks in the mail I was always pleased to know I'd reciprocated appropriately. ...more

Giving Christmas cards is one of those traditions I cling to. I know I love getting cards in the ...more