The Terror of Tall Grass

Few things in life are more terrifying than tall grass. And I mean full-blown, heart-pounding, holy hell horrifying. It is not the sod itself, but the unseen hidden therein....more

Because snakes gotta eat, too

I was just thinking last night that I hadn't seen a snake in a while. I feel better now....more

Creature Feature

So, after 34 years of living in Boca Raton (minus the four years I spent at the University of Florida in Gainesville), I finally took the plunge and moved somewhere else.  My husband and I were tired of the hectic life South Florida has to offer, as well as the congestion and the ever-entitled and mostly older crowd who call it home.  Not to say there aren’t wonderful folks down there, you just have to know where to look.  Unfortunately, the encounters with nasty people were becoming less and less few and far between.  (Did you really just cut me off and give me...more
Denise Lol!  Yes...Go Gators!  My husband and I are both Gators!  I know what you mean...South ...more

Treating Menopause With Venom

I'm taking snake venom for hot flashes - Lachesis mutus, to be exact. This homeopathic remedy comes from the poisonous venom of the Bushmaster, a greatly feared snake native to Central and South America....more I hear you: raw milk, ACV, fermented cod liver oil and EVCO are our ...more

Cursed with Parsel Ped

Yes, like parseltongue (from Mr. H. Potter). My oldest and I seem to be gifted with parsel ped. Infliction or gift of the foot, otherwise known as the ability to tread so lightly that you almost step on snakes (and sometimes lizards) during the heat of snake season. Which is definitely upon us now....more


Snake Season is upon us or at least it is around the corner with summer fast approaching....more

A slither down memory lane

Stopped in a local Petco today, and lo' after oggling at the beardies, there were Canadian garter snakes for sale. I remember catching these snakes in New Mexico, and then again in Everett, Wa. when I was growing up. I did see a few when we first moved here to Kent, 20 years ago, but now, not at all. In looking at this article, I think if there are any around, they would be hibernating right now. But still, I wonder if all the urbanization has trashed the habitat of these gentle creatures that hold so many memories for me. ...more