Paracites for Privatization

You know how the far right is always pissing and moaning about the “evils” of “inner city”, “entitlement culture”, and “illegals” as the source of America’s economic woes? Well, not only are the asshats ignorant, misinformed, liars, or all three, they are also a pack of hypocritical twatwaffles. ...more

Letting Children Go Hungry Is Evil

You know how the dickcheese scumbuckets wing of the GOP, those dog ball sucking Mammon worshipers who think Ayn Rand wrote non-fiction, want to cut the hell out of SNAP (food stamps)? That they recently squeaked by a bill:...more

Can You Afford $350 for a Bottle of Wine?

Yesterday, I was up to my lips in Doing Things. I didn’t even have a chance to squeeze in some blogging time. On the positive side, many of the Things I was Doing got DONE. Not that I intend to make a habit of that sort of behavior, of course.I also wanted to do a post to day because I was inspired. Sometimes bullshit or hypocrisy is so blatant that ranting about it on a blog is the only thing keeping me free of charges of assault and battery. If you think about it, I blog for the good of humanity because I am preserving peace. You’re welcome....more

SNAP - We Must Do Better

 "If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it."   - Stephen Colbert...more
Well written. Unfortunately, there are people who scam the system, and decide to do everything ...more

The Haps on SNAP 2013

Last week I got the pleasure of attending SNAP 2013 just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Hundreds of creative bloggers from all over the country (and Canada!) flocked to a beautiful little place called Thanksgiving point to participate in this event. If you follow any creative bloggers on Instagram, your feed was probably blowing up with dozens of pictures of the same centerpiece, speaker, or event. It was really funny for me to sign onto my Instagram, only to see many other bloggers I've followed for so long posting pictures of the same thing I was looking at in person. ...more

Bloggers Take Food Stamp Challenge To Raise Awareness of Grocery Costs

This week, for the fourth year in a row, bloggers around the country are taking part in the Hunger Challenge. They are eating on a food stamp budget—just $4.72 per person per day—to get a better sense of what life is like for the many people in the U.S. who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to put food on their table. ...more
Food shopping is only the tip of the iceberg. I have been at home for over ten years and my ...more

The Accidental Locavore Smokes…Chicken

In April the Accidental Locavore got a big, bright, shiny,...more

Get your snap back!

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"></div><span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: #783f04; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', sans-serif;">Today I needed something extra. A bit of a treat. With a bit of heat and bit of sweet. Digging through my mental filing system I remembered a gem. Exactly the snap I needed...</span><br />...more

Head Scarves For Fashion Or Hair Loss Due To Medical Reasons

What does a woman do when they are faced with a bad hair day or worse than that no hair day?  All my life my hair was thin and lifeless....more

Magnetic snap attachment problem

Hi everyone. I got hooked recently on the Vera Bradley print purses. They are just adorable, but EXPENSIVE. Then I went searching around on the net for the reversible printed quilted fabric, patterns and their associated notions in an effort to save money. Alot of these purses have a magnetic snap at the center top of the bag. In examining Vera Bradleys piecing techniques I found that the snap is attached to an extra panel that hides and gives support to the back of the snap . ...more