Expect all Free Mobile Apps to leak your Data

Mashable.com says that recently over 98,000 photos have been leaked from Snapsaved.com, which has shut down. The Snapchat app makers won’t take any credit, even though previously, 4.7 million phone numbers and usernames were leaked. The company seems indifferent, though this May, they reached a settlement with the FTC....more

Anyone Shocked that Snapchat's Privacy Claims Turned Out to be False?

Uh... Snapchat users... those images you thought disappeared forever... uh... not so much. Snapchat has finally admitted -- because they were forced to admit by the Federal Trade Commission -- that a lot of their privacy claims were false.  Images could be saved by users to be looked at a later date (or shared with the whole Internet), and the images themselves didn't magically disappear from servers.  So teens, that crotch shot you took at graduation because you thought it would be hysterical to share it with your friends on Snapchat... well, congratulations, your crotch shot can now live on forever. ...more
I'm more shocked that anyone ever believed that anything just "disappeared" in the first place.more

Teens vs Toddlers: So Different -- or Are They?

My daughter is sitting in the corner of the living room, pulling gruesome and bizarre faces into her iPad for selfies which she sends to her friends. (This is apparently called Snapchat.) I am being treated to this spectacle because I have protested about the amount of time she spends up in her room on the iPad, even banning it for several days so that I can have the pleasure of her company for a while. She is now clinging to her iPad, but making an effort to sit with us. ...more
". . .teenagers never embarrass you by having tantrums in public. . ."???more

Self Destruct... Yeah, There's an App for That!

There is a relatively new app called SnapChat we need to talk about.  SnapChat is an app that allows the user to take pictures and send them to others for a few seconds before it “self destructs” and deletes. ...more
@JennaHatfield  I saw the advisory when I capped the shot.  I then thought, wow, had I sent a ...more