(Skip to 2:16 for the reference. Darn you, AIG.) ...more

Incredible Restraint

This is how the debate actually went! Joe Biden behaved himself well, considering he was up against the offspring of Gomer Pyle and Jed Clampett. However, no gay marriage? Still? Really? Joe Biden and Barack Obama, your bigotry continues to astound me. ...more

E and Me, Part I

“What have you done that’s so awful then?” “I just don’t think I fit into the life you should have.” “I’ll be the judge of that, thank you. Do you want someone to love you?” “Yes.” “And you love me?” “Yes.” “And you know I love you?” “Yes.” ...more

"I don't want an angry woman in the White House."

Well, I do: Bitch is the new black. That's what I said, Tina Fey! We do get things done! Also, Mike Huckabee needs a hug. Not from me, though: Mike Huckabee on Weekend Update ...more

i thought that Tina was spot on!

that bit inspired me to create a bunch of shirts/buttons/etc ...more