Survivor's Log

Happy Caturday! Brenna Meets Snow

When the harness comes out of the "Box of Doom," I know that something bad is about to happen. When Mommy and Daddy are both standing over me together, giggling between themselves as I walk sideways in my harness, I know that things are about to get even worse....more

Beyond Thunderdome: 5 Tips for Driving in the Snow

Hundreds of angry drivers who needed a glass of wine an hour ago, all waiting, waiting, spinning, honking, waiting. Here are my top tips for maneuvering this frosty jungle.So it snows in Utah. Like, A LOT. Often. And in tremendous quantities....more

Witch Notes: Priorities, 29 Nov 2015 #NaBloPoMo Day 29

Priorities. I always need something when I’m snowbound. I planned for the event by shopping the day before. We had no idea how much snow would ultimately fall. With a long driveway and a low to the ground car, driving through snow can be a challenge. My Camry has a very cool spoiler on the front which I won’t ruin for anything. The lawn tractor has a front blade, but I neglected to order tire chains and weights which Home Depot doesn’t carry. So it sits because it can’t move forward without traction until I find a John Deere dealer....more

Snow in Park City, Utah - 66 seconds of my and my hat hair

In which my hat hair and I spend a minute talking about our new snowfall and the opening of the Park City, Utah, ski resorts. ...more

Goodbye Winter 2014-15

The calmness of the snowfall, white winter wonderland as far as my eyes could see, and the soft feel of snow under my...more

Snow/Ice/Other Crap

We’ve had “the big one”….the one we get threatened with every year….but this time?Ice…lots of iceSnowMeltingRefreezingSnowRecord low tempsMore snow forecastThis is the South.  Kids are out of school the entire week.  Yes…they just said “to hell with it”.  And?  I’m not surprised....more

Cabin Fever

I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from such terrible cabin fever. Every winter I deal with a bout with it. I think most New Englanders do. It’s cold. It’s snowy. There isn’t as much sunlight.On the positive side, at least the sun is starting to set a bit later now. At least when it’s out it does.But after being buried under over six feet of snow in just 2 weeks, I can officially say that my cabin fever has hit an all-time high....more

Blizzard Fun: Make Snow Ice Cream

Snow ice cream, or snow cream, is super easy to make. Here in New England, as in much of the country, we’re buried under an ever-expanding blanket of fresh snow. One way to keep away cabin fever is to make tasty treats. If you have little ones home from school, they’ll have fun making this with you. You can use other flavors of extract besides vanilla too. Peppermint would work really well. ...more
I agree. there's too many unknowns to be making snow cream this day and age. sad.but it's true.more