Snow Days

There’s something about snowLight and fluffy, serene and quite!  And beautiful…really, really beautiful!  Being from the south as I am, snow is one of those things that has always fascinated me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live up north and I applaud the folks who do.  They are pretty hardy stock but as for this girl, she is 100% southern breed…and in the south we don’t do snow!...more

Snow Day Circuits

Spending a snow day with three high-energy kids is a lot like circuit training at the gym. Our typical snow day workout goes like this:...more

Snowed In

Last week was grueling. Well, OK, maybe “grueling” is a strong word. I didn’t plow any fields or anything. It was tiring, though. It snowed here again and B’s work was canceled for almost the entire week because the roads by his school 40 minutes away were so sketch. We couldn’t get out much because the roads close to where we live weren’t in great shape either, and even if we had ventured from our home, everything worth doing was closed.Three people – one a toddler – in an apartment. All. Week. Long....more

Snow Days Are For Suckers

You know how when you're writing a blog post and you get up to get a drink of water, and when you open the fridge to get the pitcher, you see the glass shelf is all smudged and smeared with food residue?...more
No cause I don't have kids so my snow days are like vacation daysmore

Don't Be An Icehole

Well, it snowed this week in the South. I guess you’ve heard about that by now. Yesterday we chiseled our car out of the ice and attempted to leave our home like modern-day Lewises and Clarks, and for a second I forgot all I had learned from living in Chicago through five winters. Living in a warmish climate will do that to you: the instant snow falls, you assume the Chicken Little position and convince yourself that the sky itself is coming down with it in the ultimate show of Southern dramaticism....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns  Haha! Please do! All the iceholes in our lives need to be called out. ...more

The Epic Battle: Mother Nature vs. My Bowels

I'm not gonna lie to you. This weather is effecting my bowels. Now before you go running for the little X up there in the right corner, I promise I'm not going to get all graphic and actually DESCRIBE what's going on with my bowels. But I am going to say this: since the beginning of this awful 'Polar Vortex' crap, my crap isn't what it used to be.Case in point: I'm a regular girl, very regular. Like, 'every single morning at 8:30' regular.  Even on the weekends, when I sleep a little later, I'm still fairly regular. Here's how my schedule works:...more
Not at all, Caroline! I'm glad you were entertaining while dumping! :)more

Onward Blitzen!

My neck of the wood got hit by the snowpocalypse on Friday, so for three days the girls were trapped inside. Yes, until Sunday afternoon it was too bitter cold for them to go outside. Hell, I thought I might have to go free my doggie if his pee froze and trapped him in a snow bank by the pissicicle connecting his wiener to the ground, that’s how cold it was. I know there are people in Canada laughing at me right now because the temps were in the single digits (not even below zero degrees Fahrenheit, eh?) but it was fokking chilly....more

Is It Spring, Yet?

I guess it hit me when Ruth Curran, of Cranium Crunches, asked me for snow photos. She uses them on her blog to create brain teasers and puzzles to keep all of us alert and at the ready....more
@elaineR.N.  i want to vacation with you and Alan so much, we need to make it happen in 2014 ok?more

Hip Waders Strongly Recommended

I blacked out yesterday and came to with my hand in a bag of Trader Joe's Movie Theater Popcorn, a veritable bucket of chili on the stove in what could only have been a limbic, Pavlovian response to the mysterious white that has stitched up the city - emergency! they say. The only emergency I can see is that I tripped over some bliss and fell into a pile of tiny gloves mittens scarves boots hats coats left drying by the fire from this bonus vacation that turns our tiny house into an island or maybe a boat....more