Winter Snowglobe Village

I've always been fond of miniatures--from dollhouses to tiny items that fit inside collection boxes. Thus snowglobes have always held a certain fascination for me. I love the idea of creating tiny magical winter scenes....more

Mason Jar Snowglobes

There is a very cheesy ABC family movie entitled "Snowglobe" that came out a few years ago starring Christina Milian. The plot of movie focuses on a young woman getting sucked inside a snowglobe and exploring a magical Christmas themed world. However sugary sweet the movie was, it made me remember the snowglobes from my childhood and the magic dwelling within. Inside there were miniature worlds where it was always snowing and all was calm and bright....more

The World’s Top 10 Creepiest Snow Globes

The World’s Top 10 Creepiest Snow Globes...more

Lego Snow Globes

Tons of blogs have DIY snow globes.  I was excited to try this with the kiddos, but wanted to bring a fresh spin to the project for readers.  I came up with the idea for them to be Lego-centered.  We went to our local Lego shop and they all picked out the minifigure of their choice.  We came up with Jack Sparrow, a skiing girl, and Indiana Jones.  I am so pleased with the way they came out!Here is what you'll need:Distilled water...more
@BlogHer that looks like fun!more