Digging Deep To Find a Reason to Be Grateful This Winter

This platter sits on our family room fireplace mantel.  I bought it one day about 2 years ago in a store downtown after I saw it in the window.  It seemed to speak directly to me and I bought it on the spot. ...more

18 Hours To Home - from the Chronicles of the Atlanta Abominable

It was a beautiful Monday – a bright and balmy 50*. The weatherman on my news station said there was a a possibility of a wintry mix, a dusting of snow from the monster storm to our west. But it was heading across the gulf coast to the south of us. I shrugged it off and planned for a ho-hum, run of the mill Tuesday.That was my first mistake....more

Walking on Wednesday ~ This is NOTHING!

If you haven't heard, the south has had a bit of a snow storm.(and if you haven't heard, I would ask what rock you have been under)...more