All We Need is Love

You guys.  You guys…my blond, soft skinned, tender hearted, wild child snuggled in bed with me tonight.  He rested his head on my shoulder and we both let out sighs that said more about our day than words ever could.  Things like tantrums, playing legos with mom, whining, demanding, baking cookies together, inability to cope, mommy is funny when she tries to get my armpits, exhaustion, and love.  I hope there was a lot of love in those sighs-swirling in the air above my bed before slipping away-out the half opened window.  The day is now done.  We’ve done what ...more

A Successful Thanksgiving?

It's Monday and I'm back to work.  The sky is nearly black outside my window.  The rain is pummeling the pavement.  Puddles are overtaking parking places.  But none of that matters.  Nothing can darken my spirit today.  I am filled with light.  I just spent four days at home with my boys. Yes, we ate homemade stuffing and green bean casserole.  Yes, we went shopping.  Yes, we raked leaves, decorated our blue spruce, made leftover turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce, broke the wishbone, made fires in the fireplace, baked ...more

I smell like what??

While snuggling with my sweety recently she nuzzled my neck and inhaled deeply. I really liked where this was going!! She nuzzled further in and inhaled even more deeply. "Yay", I thought, "this is going well!" One more deep inhalation of breath and she started to murmer to me, "Oh baby, you smell so good."   ...more

Mrs. Micah and the Details of Doom...

Back in August, I posted that the phone at my work was making me feel very much like a baby. I got a handle on it, and on Friday my boss said that I was doing very well with it. She emphasized that I have to pay more attention to detail. ...more

Don't beat yourself up too much for this. Everyone misses things once in awhile. And that ...more