I Went Soap-Free and I Liked It

I've gone soap-free. I like it. And I'm not alone. ...more
Very interesting!  I use Biotin shampoo on my hair and lather for privates. But have to use ...more

5 Steps Toward a Nontoxic Home

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis, but just how much depends on the foods we eat, the furniture we sit on, the lotions we decide to put on our bodies and the products that surround us.The degree to which we potentially put our children’s health at risk depends on the different products we decide to bring into the house. Their exposure to toxins begins before they are even born. Whatever we inhale or ingest can have a lasting effect on our children....more
Great post. I love the plant suggestion. I really need to get rid of those awful "rubber" ducks too.more

Friday Faves: Tasha Hussey Body

You may remember my post about the beautiful Tasha Hussey Jewelry...she sent me a beautiful green and white ring that I just adore. Well, after that post, Tasha asked me if she could send me some of her body products. And of course I said I would love to try them out! I was thrilled when the mail arrived and she sent two soaps for me and 3 for my sweet E! When I opened the package, I could smell how amazing these soaps were....more

Two Brilliant Ways to Use Soap

Many household items can be used for more than one chore, and your bar of soap is no exception!  In addition to keeping you squeaky clean and smelling fresh, here are two more usages for your soap you may have never thought of:...more

Granny Shoots from the Hip--on washing

Lava Sus Manos--Wash Your Hands...more

The Naples Soap Company

One of my favorite getaways is Naples ~It is the perfect 2 hour drive from Miami and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are absolutely stunning! Hidden away in the heart of downtown Naples is a little gem called the Naples Soap Company. Opened in Tin City in 2009, the Naples Soap Company has since grown into a worldwide brand with 5 stores placed strategically throughout Southwest Florida, with their most recent location opening up in Tokyo....more

Punching Pride in the Stomach

You know what's awful? Failure. Admitting the whole idea was dumb, I just don't have the ability, no one would buy it anyways, and I should have stuck with what I knew. It would be catastrophic to bet my life (because time is life) on a dumb idea. But every entreprenurial idea is based on a lot of assumptions, and you know what they say about assumptions: they make an ass out of u and Umption (whoever the heck Umption is). The basic assumption is that if you build something, people will want it. ...more

Outlaw Product Manager

I'm not going to be able to promise that I'll keep this up. I'm just trying it out because I think it might be helpful and certainly I'm having an adventure... I like sharing adventures. That said... HOORAY! I'm launching my own company in a little over two weeks!I am a Product Manager and have been for eightish years. I was an Art Director and Freelance Web Developer before that. I've worked for software behemoths like Microsoft and media behemoths like Oprah and Disney....more