Daytime Focuses on Gay Men, But Where Are The Rest Of the LGBT Community?

When last we chatted daytime television, I was sharing my thoughts on how the “Nick Fallon was raped in prison” story was playing out. Aside from the fact that there was a prison rape, it hasn’t been too bad. Nick had a come to Jesus moment about how he was treating his gay cousin and took a few noble steps with reward to his wife (annullment.) Nick’s character was careful to repeatedly state that the rape was about power and and control, not sexual desire and that he finally was able to distinguish between a rapist and a gay man....more

Why I (almost) Want to be a Soap Opera Character

I am going to come right out and admit it. About once a month when I realize that both kids are napping at the same time, the laundry is done, supper is prepared and the kitchen is clean, I sit on the couch with a coffee and catch a few minutes of (*gasp) a daytime soap opera. Young and the Restless is my poison. To be clear, this is not a daily occurrence. ...more

All My Children Final Curtain Call

Yesterday on The View, Kim Delaney alluded to it as being "the end of an era" and I agree. Soap Operas were the bomb. Cotton candy on a rainy day (Nikki Giovanni) and slap your mama back in the days of soap opera heaven! I grew up watching most all of the old time favorites: All My Children. Guiding Light (my most fav) As The World Turns......more
foxyc  Ms. Freeman, as an avid "All My Children" myself, I feel that there is a small, if not ...more

The End of an Era

Today marks the last televised episode of All My Children.  After 41 years on the air, this is just so sad.Growing up, a lot of us looked to Erica Kane for an example of a strong woman.  Were her storylines sometimes unbelievable?  Yes...but that's what made it fun!!  Evil twins, coming back from the dead, dream sequences...all served to bring entertainment to a sometimes boring day....more

Oprah Celebrates General Hospital's Iconic Couple, Luke and Laura

It may rock your soap opera world to note that Luke and Laura got married on General Hospital 30 years ago this summer. THIRTY YEARS. That's a long time, in Port Charles or anywhere, my friends. And just in case former diehard soap opera watchers of America weren't feeling old enough this week, Oprah brought the star-crossed couple, along with a bunch of leading men and ladies, to her February 8th show. ...more

I skipped classes just to be home in time to watch "the wedding" ... there were about three of ...more

Writer’s Strike — My Soap Therapy is in Jeapordy

I can certainly understand why Hollywood writers would go on strike. Seems they are getting the short end of the money stick these days. But, this is really going to affect ME! Especially, my soap opera. You see, I've been watching The Young & the Restless for more than 20 years. Probably closer to 30 years. It's sad how long I've been watching this show, before I should have been watching it for sure, because I'm not that old! At any rate, I do watch it. Every day. Sometimes I save several episodes so that I can watch them together and have a soap marathon. ...more