The Beauty of a Woman Up on Her Soapbox Speaking Her Truth

Driving to work this morning, I tried to see how a raging Mother Nature could translate to something in an actual woman, and how that could be seen as beautiful. What occurred to me was the beauty of a woman on a soapbox speaking her truth with utter conviction -- a woman full of righteous indignation over a wrong that must be made right. ...more

I love that word - I love how it makes me stand a little taller. Thank you for your ...more

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

This summer our aging next door neighbors had their two grand daughters come and stay for over two months. The oldest girl was the same age as my son, so by the end of their first day, a new friendship was quickly budding. As with most people who live in populated neighborhoods, most activities that occurred in our yard, they’re privy to them. If we were barbecuing, running through the sprinkler, eating watermelon on the deck or just picking weeds, the girl next door was quickly asking if she could join us. At first her attendance was welcome. ...more