Stars - Just Like Us! (sober edition)

Happy Sober October! In that spirit, let's chat sober stars. Which of your favorite celebrities stopped drinking or stopped doing drugs? Have you ever wondered why they stopped, or what caused them to stop? Here's my scoop on 15 celebrities who now live sober lives. ...more

6 Days Chocolate Sober!!

So it’s been 6 days since I last ate chocolate. “Big deal” I hear you say. Well actually it is a big deal. You see, I’m a compulsive overeater and refined sugar, chocolate in particular, is an addiction for me that’s as strong as any addiction to alcohol, drugs or smoking. It is a big deal and it’s a massive deal to be chocolate sober for 6 days....more

A New Take on a Sober House: A Safe Drinking House for Addicts (and You're Paying for It!)

VH1 has a series called Sober House, a place where celebrity addicts live in order to learn how to live a life of sobriety after rehab. While the show is better known for its drama, antics and lack of success, sober houses are real and there are thousands of them in America.  Once a person completes standard rehabilitation, they can choose (or do so due to court order) to live in a group home that is monitored  by counselors who ensure the residents stay away from drugs, alcohol or whatever their addiction is....more

If it comes down to money and the government taking a short cut on services to still provide ...more

Honest and Juicy

Shameless ...more