Six Months Sober

Six months sober. 180 days. Early recovery. Sobriety. Today I am very proud to say I am six months sober. Some people say six months is when you hit the first stage of early recovery while other people say you have now reached sobriety. I say I feel amazed, humbled and awesome. As I have mentioned many times before, like most alcoholics, this is not my first 'go' at being sober. In the past I have had six months up followed by two years. However, I have also said that this time around it feels different....more

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A New Take on a Sober House: A Safe Drinking House for Addicts (and You're Paying for It!)

VH1 has a series called Sober House, a place where celebrity addicts live in order to learn how to live a life of sobriety after rehab. While the show is better known for its drama, antics and lack of success, sober houses are real and there are thousands of them in America.  Once a person completes standard rehabilitation, they can choose (or do so due to court order) to live in a group home that is monitored  by counselors who ensure the residents stay away from drugs, alcohol or whatever their addiction is....more

If it comes down to money and the government taking a short cut on services to still provide ...more

Communication War Zone On Celebrity Rehab 4

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?  Learning to communicate is one of the most difficult things for addicts in recovery to learn. How we communicated in the past doesn’t work. Witnessing the scene between Jason Davis and Frankie Lons clearly exemplifies a lack of knowing how to communicate effective when one is angry, frustrated and upset. Some may feel that cussing someone out is an infantile way to show your frustration with an individual, however in the case of these two, what other way would they communicate?...more

I have watched all of the seasons of celebrity rehab and have learned a great deal from all of ...more

Tools For Sobriety - God Box

I have an amazing Recovery Coach, Sherry Gaba, who gave me a project to work on as an assignment. I was to create a "God Box". Granted, I am not the crafty person out of my family but how hard can it be to decorate a lil' box. It wasn't difficult and the impact of the "God Box" has been incredible. The concept is quite simple....more

Love this! I facilitate treatment groups for criminal offenders and am going to add this to my ...more

Friends Are Forged in a Different Furnace Than Lovers

It's hard to make that space when someone you love is in danger. It doesn't matter what the danger is, the immediate response is to rush to them, pick them up, take them away and find a way to make everything fine. That's friendship. No questions. By land, air or sea, one word and friends are there with a .45 and shovel. ...more

Joe In Prison(the saga of Sarah-the last post)

After Joe got away from the police they got desperate to catch him.He had been staying with his aunt. They stuffed her bulky frame into a squad car and took her to jail, for harboring a fugitive. The police were questioning any one who knew him, to discover his where bouts. After hearing about his aunt he decided to turn himself in. The little runt was finally going to face justice! He was charged with grand theft auto and kidnapping(for taking the girls on the high speed chase). He received 10 years for each count and as far as I know is still in prison....more

The Saga of Sarah(part4)

Well... it turns out that Joe got away from the police. They really wanted him now! I told Sarah that if he showed up at our house I would call 911.  I found out later that she had been in touch with him and told him to stay away. Sarah was still drinking, staying out late and making my life pretty much miserable. One day, sometime later, I was at home by myself (watering the plants) when the phone rang. It was a reverse 911 call-the message was that there was an escapee in the neighborhood(lock your windows and doors -don't answer your door)....more

THE TRIAL (Follow up on "Jailed For Domestic Violence- ME?")

I had never been on this side of the law. I had always been the victim. After the arrest I quit drinking (this time it was forever-right?) because I was scared to death of trembling (D.T's) in front of the court. It was two weeks before the arraignment and I appeared with my court appointed attorney. I  hadn't been diagnosed with mental illness at this time ( schizoaffective disorder,  anxiety disorder and agoraphobia)  but of course I knew that something wasn't right in my head. Any way......more

BlogHer of the Week: Maggie from Okay. Fine. Dammit.

Blogs are our faces to the world--very public faces. Even the most personal of bloggers are mindful of this. Our BlogHer of the Week, Maggie of Okay. Fine. Dammit. was aware of the potential backlash that could ensue by coming clean to her readers about her alcoholism, but she made an even richer outcome possible with her confession....more

I'm a Huge fan of Maggie, Dammit...and a recovering alcoholic. Bringing your addiction out into ...more