Are Mean Soccer Girls Unacceptable or are We All Just Overreacting?

As soon as I saw the Elizabeth Lambert video I knew that I would be writing about her this week. Elizabeth is the "mean girl" soccer player that was suspended for rough play this week. She is the girl who was caught on video punching another player in the back and pulling hair.If you watch this video it looks terrible....more

I was raised in a soccer-crazy part of the world: soccer is a contact sport, not a violent ...more

Soccer Mom Alert: Uniroyal Tire Supports Soccer Teams with Free Balls and more!

For the 10th year in a row, Michelin North America Inc. and its Uniroyal tire dealers continue to support soccer communities across the country. Beginning September 4, 2009, sponsored players will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for a free soccer ball at their local participating Uniroyal location (while supplies last). Uniroyal will also donate $2 for every Uniroyal tire sold during the 30-day program. ...more

Women's Professional Soccer In North America - Is it On

I'm not sure what is more appropriate. Should I do a little celebration dance or should I put my hands on my hips and yell "Well, it is about freaking time!" I am talking about Women's Professional Soccer in North America. As of March 30th there is once again professional women's soccer in the United States. Leyla was there: ...more

A High School Championship

If you haven’t been to a girl’s high school soccer game lately you might be surprised at the quality of play. Last weekend was the Southern California DII Championship game which pitted the #1 seed Harvard-Westlake against #2 La Jolla. I’ve been following the HW team through their entire pre-season, league and post-season play. Yeah – it seems excessive but it’s my daughter’s team and I’m the consummate soccer mom. High school athletics are a special breed of competition. It’s as much about the game as it is about the school, class pride, and friendships. ...more

The Zen of Soccer Moms and Juice Boxes in VW Ads

Never underestimate the power of a soccer mom--or any mom on a mission. Meet the passionate self-proclaimed "#1 soccer mom" Deb (played by Mo Collins of MadTV) on her mission to deliver the MLS Cup to L.A. ...more

I Do Not Know It All, Mr. Know It All Does

In case you didn't know, he lives with us. Mr. Know-It-All, that is. He goes by the alias, The Monster and sleeps in the top bunk right above Cashman. He is 4 years old, 3 1/2 feet tall, and he knows everything. Got a broken washing machine? He knows whats wrong with it and how to fix it. Think you've gotten lost while driving? He knows exactly where you are and has been there many times before. Try to teach him to read. He already knows how, so don't bother. Sign him up for soccer. Tell him about practices and games. No need to. He knows all about soccer. ...more

My son is 6 and very much Mr Knows-It-All. Dontcha hate it when they actually LISTEN to you ...more

Top 10 Reasons Morticia is the Ultimate Soccer Mom

(also posted on Happy Halloween Current and Future Hot Soccer Moms!! Top 10 Reasons Morticia Addams is the Ultimate Soccer Mom ...more

My Escape from Politics

Ok, I know that in the first week of June I promised that I was back from hiatus. But I'm sure that you're familiar with the saying ... carpe diem. And seize the day I have. ...more

I Lost My Little Girl

I Need a Drink Ok. So before we panic, I found her. This should be painfully obvious, because had I not, you would be seeing this fat chick on the evening news right about now, ripping out my hair and pulling a vocal cord left and right. My 5 year old son, who, from this point on, and due to his secret government job, will be known as "Freddy", has soccer practice every Friday around 6. I say "around" simply because parents of 5 year olds are incapable of being on time, in a designated place, at the same time. ...more

Murder of popular soccer star highlights problem of anti-lesbian violence

Up until the end of April this year, if you had run into former South African footballer Eudy Simelane, chances are that you would have met a happy woman. At 31, Simelane was still involved with the sport she loved as a coach and referee. She was a lesbian in a country in which homosexuality was not only legal, it is enshrined in the Constitution. ...more

This story absolutely breaks my heart. I have many friends and memories in South Africa and ...more