10 Reasons Why I'm a Crappy Soccer Mom

It’s soccer season again and, as always, I find myself slacking in my parenting duties. Sure, I get my kid to practices and games on time, I shove a water bottle in his backpack, and I drive countless hours to stand on the sidelines and not say a word (see #9 below) but I’m still not in the running for “Soccer Mom of the Year.” ...more
@mackenziesmomma I really am a crappy soccer mommore

I Am NOT A Soccer Mom

I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Trust me, I am not dissing those moms that spend endless hours running their kids around to practices and games - they love it and they're great at it.It's just not me....more
@SadderButWiserGirl Yes... we've let them try what they want to and none of the sports have ...more

I'm an Anti-Soccer Mom

This is a post from my old blog…even though my daughter is 9 now, the sentiment behind it still stands, so I figured I’d post it again....more

A Reluctant Soccer Mom in Unknown Territory

It’s official: My daughter had her first soccer practice yesterday. Despite the affected disdain I’ve been projecting on Twitter, I’m really very excited for her and not the slightest bit upset that this event has destroyed the last vestiges of my "edginess" by relegating me to the domain of “Suburban Soccer Mom.”  Okay, maybe I’m slightly upset.  But not at her.  Thank goodness, I traded the Volvo SUV in for a Prius, otherwise I might have to get my eyebrow pierced or tattoo Chinese profanity in a prominent place on my body. ...more
Your feelings are no different then any parent taking their child to soccer, little league, ...more

Soccer Mom Hell

Come visit me in my Soccer Mom Hell at Pajamas and Coffee...maybe we'll make a Devil's Food cake. ...more

Soccer Mom Alert: Uniroyal Tire Supports Soccer Teams with Free Balls and more!

For the 10th year in a row, Michelin North America Inc. and its Uniroyal tire dealers continue to support soccer communities across the country. Beginning September 4, 2009, sponsored players will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for a free soccer ball at their local participating Uniroyal location (while supplies last). Uniroyal will also donate $2 for every Uniroyal tire sold during the 30-day program. ...more

What does the inside of your car look like - CONTEST!

Let's just come clean people. If you were to go out to your car right now, what would you find? I have decided to to come clean with my DMV. Dirty minivan. I was tempted to stage my vehicle to make myself feel like a better person, but decided to leave it as is. ...more

What Does A Soccer Mom Do When Soccer Is Over?

Thing 2's soccer season capped off yesterday with a thrilling win for the championship title. The boys were undefeated, though they tied twice in the regular season. Unfortunately, Thing 1's team lost their game on Sunday and tied their Saturday game. Next week is her playoffs and then we are done with soccer. No more driving someone to a practice four weeknights a week, no more four soccer game weekends. What to do? How to plan for the future? By signing up for more soccer of course. ...more

I'm living the easy life right now. Only one kid in pee wee soccer, so only one practice and ...more