Why I Didn't #BoycottSochi

I’ll be honest when I start this off.I am not a sports fan.I’m ok with playing some of them — I’ll play volleyball, quite happily.  I love swimming.  I’ve dabbled in snowboarding.  I like to think I’m a runner, even though I haven’t run in months, haha…. I love cardio kick boxing…But I participate in every single one of those....more

Whom to Root For in Ladies' Figure Skating? History Says Look For the Best Story

Who is on track to win the ladies' Olympic figure skating competition scheduled for Wednesday, February 19 and Thursday, February 20? It's a tough call. There are, after all, so many elements in a winning program. Judges are looking at jumps, spins, footwork, spirals, connecting moves, musicality and artistic presentation. ...more
This is why I like objective sports. Crossed the finish line first? Great. You win. End of story.more

How One LGBT Family Decided Whether or Not to Boycott the Sochi Olympics

My family and I are all abuzz about the Olympics this week! The kids are most pleased that they will be allowed to watch more television than usual, and we grownups are looking forward to watching athletes at the top of their game represent their countries with pride. There is a part of us that hopes to witness a significant amount of protest, as well. I came to my decision to watch the games after a lot of thought. ...more
KellyMOSullivan  Thank you for that! I'm definitely all about the learning. My imperfect, glass ...more