How To Get More Social Media Followers

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst fellow bloggers, is how to get more social media followers when you're on a low to no budget and can't afford advertising or marketing. Many people believe in the old Field Of Dreams adage, "If you build it, they will come." This is unfortunately only true for a tiny percentage of users....more

Favoriting my Mom's tweets

My Mom is a pretty tech-savvy lady: She runs a brilliant blog, texts and shares photos, and she tweets more often than I do. All of this she learned on her own, and I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to be involved online. In her point of view, she is ready to interact with her grandchildren in whatever form of social media they end up on....more

The serious business of laughter

My son laughs at the slapstick pratfalls on a television show. He laughs at the goofy knock-knock jokes that I tell him. And he is super ticklish. And all those things make me really happy....more

Am I a Feminist?

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God And Religion

  Is God and Religion related? Do you have to be religious to worship God?  I believe in God and I follow Hinduism.  While the reason I follow Hinduism is because I was born to Hindu parents (one of them was a strong non-believer in God ), my belief in God has gone through quite a lot of on and off phases and finally I felt its okay to believe in God.  I totally accept the fact that its possible to live without believing in God.  ...more

The Art of The Proper Approach

 Have you ever wondered how to successfully approach someone that looks like they may be a good match for you? While there are a few proper ways to do so, there are also many ways to really turn someone off, so they won’t give you the time of day. Make sure you are skilled at the art of the approach or the girl/guy of your dreams, may walk away and never look back....more

Verbal Cancer

Had an interesting conversation with a follower who was lamenting about his personal situation.  Because we've both been fighting similar situations, I sent him some words of encouragement.  He responded with his version of the problem, and I responded with mine. We're complete opposites - he's (male, obvi) and non-white - I'm a white female. ...more

Why Content Creators Should Be Using Google+

Google is a mega-hub. We all know this, but so many people have written off Google's social community, Google+ because people they know "aren't there." Honestly, you'd be surprised how many people are there, and how much using Google+ for your links will impact your visibility and views....more

Four Years

The four years before marrying Ben, were rough – but very important. Very important in understanding the kind of person I was, and who I wanted to become. Identifying my emotions may have been difficult, and being immersed in all kinds of negative behaviors as a child may have blurred many lines, but my feelings about right and wrong were still very clear. Like they were programmed into my gut. Listening to my gut in the midst of any shenanigans would often lead me to drop whatever part I was playing in the mischief, and simply walk away – adultery, temptation, cruelty, anything illegal....more

Stay On Track While Dining Out

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging when your trying to balance out work, family and your social life. Eating out is a big wall that many people hit when trying to balance all of these different aspects of your life, but don’t stress because you can still dine out and stay on track! Looking at the menu can be an overwhelming experience, but you have to rewire your brain to look at those unhealthy options and be able to make substitutions to make them a healthier version....more