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Originally posted at few days ago, I was reading an article called How Art Can Be Activism by Dan Haseltine, the founder of Blood: Water Mission and singer of Jars of Clay.  He made some great points in this article.  As one who shares his heart for humanitarian work, I decided to add to some of his thoughts....more

GLEE + National Assoc. for Music Ed = A Positive Note

GLEE is Lending its Voice a National Association to Support Music in SchoolsHere’s something that will make you want to sing: Your school can become one of 73 high schools to win a id="mce_marker"0,000, $25,000 – or even $50,000 – prize from “GLEE Give a Note,” a campaign to donate id="mce_marker" million to support music programs across the country....more

Hey Planned Parenthood! Fail to Plan..Plan to Fail

I found out about the 12:00pm  Walk for Choice in my city at 12:15pm.  Seems I'm not the only one.I am " Facebook friends" with Planned Parenthood - both the national and local affiliates. I checked their website 2 days ago and nada listed in my state. Judging from the confirmed attendees on the invite (about 100), which I received 15 minutes after the march had started, the word seemed to have gotten out to the organizers' friends only...more

The event was organized by individuals in each city, Planned Parenthood just attended. It's a ...more

Will The BlogHer Community Blog Peace?

I never meant to be a peace activist. It just happened.When you're not looking, and not paying attention to the road,  life takes unexpected turns in directions you never dreamed. You find yourself on a path of destiny pushed into deep waters you know nothing of - and yet you know....more

Announcing the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Winners!

Back in December we announced the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer scholarship program and invited you to submit yourself or your favorite international activist BlogHer for consideration for this scholarship. ...more

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