I Was Approached by a Drug-Seeking Mom

I must have looked alarmed and concerned. I think that is why she walked up to me and said, "Please help us." She told me this was her daughter and explained to me that her little girl was very sick with cancer. She said that she went to get the little girl her medicine at the pharmacy, but she didn’t have enough money to purchase the pills. She said that she had almost enough money to get the “life saving medicine,” so she needed my money and my help. ...more

Dr. Kym Puga, The Child Whisperer

p>Dr. Kym Puga, The Child Whisperer

All states in ...more

Why I 'Want' to Go Green

I want to go green but then it comes time to fix dinner and the paper plates are just easier. We're so NOT a green family. We use way too much water, paper, electricity, etc. But, I really do want to do better- and not just 'cuz it's the thing right now. ...more