Yahoo! "Sunsets" Delicious, But It Won't Shut Down. Will You Move Your Bookmarks?

Yesterday Yahoo! it is cutting products in a money-saving effort -- including popular bookmarking site Delicious. Alternate bookmarking sites have been slammed with people trying to migrate their bookmarks before it's too late. Today, Delicious confirmed it was separating from Yahoo! but announced it would not shut down. ...more

I'm still getting the "Your task is being processed. You will receive notification by email when ...more

Social Bookmarking

It is a well-known fact in the virtual world that social bookmarking sites can help increase your website ranking and traffic phenomenally! However, one fact about which a lot of website owners are unaware is that manual submission can really work wonders for your website, while the strategy of using software to automatically submit your website to social bookmarking sites can potentially backfire!...more

My First 3 Months as a Bloggerina: 9 Lessons and 3 Reflections

After reading "Happy Anniversary to Me" on Megan's Minute, I've decided to share what I've learned during my first three months as a bloggerina. I've learned mostly through trial and error—as all bloggers do—but I've also learned a lot from others in the blogosphere. For lessons and reflections from my first three months as a bloggerina, please read the rest....more

Interview with Greg Hochmuth, Creator and CEO of Mento

Mento, now in public beta, is a link-sharing and tagging website, similar to or Pownce, with expanded functionality to create conversations around the link sharing. Creator and CEO Greg Hochmuth took a few minutes to explain how Mento is different and to share his vision for business users. ...more