My Worst Personality Trait

Canada's Priscilla Judd, Singing Activist

Priscilla Judd has a vision. She is determined to inform the world it's taken a wrong turn....more
@HomeRearedChef Thanks so much, Virginia! I am just back form your chicken post and still ...more

Singing Social Activists

You have to understand. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Activism was a part of my childhood, like Dora the Explorer instructs children today. ...more
@Cindyhuber SO NICE of you to say that, Cindy! Thanks for coming by to tell me and brighten MY ...more

The Hypocrisy of Doping

You think I’m going to be all old school about this Lance Armstrong thing — it’s about the fairness of competition and the lying, blah blah blah?Well, I’m not. Lance Armstrong is a win-or-die sociopath freak show, without a doubt, but I’m over the hypocrisy of outmoded laws of competition that prohibit the use of steroids. It’s been pervasive in sports for more than a quarter of a century, starting with Arnold and his Mr. Universe days. Seriously, people....more

Ethics and the Homeless

"Blessings are not just for the ones who kneel. Luckily." -- U2, "City of Blinding Lights" ...more

First Blog, New Year...So Much Pressure!

Goodbye 2011, you were one giant suckfest!Hello 2012. I'm both excited and apprehensive to meet you. What will you mean to us? Are you going to be more green, more newsworthy, more socially conscious than 2011? Are you going to be a crazy hipster or a low-key observer? Well, I'm ready to hook up with you no matter what. Let's do this! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!Luv,The Social Mommenator <a href=""><img title="" src="" alt=" Logo"></a>...more
The perfect way to start of the New Year! Welcome! Blogher is a wonderful community from hipster ...more

Is anyone listening?

The TV talks to us. And at us...The iPods are plugged into our ears jumbling our brains with drum beats and guitar strings. The cell phones ring incessantly. Laptops and iPads  demand our attention. Traffic noises overwhelm us...voices shout and scream and  chatter 24/7. We talk all the time! Is anyone listening?What do we hear...actually? "You aren't listening to me!" is a refrain we hear all too often. Spouses say this to each other...children to parents and vice versa.  Colleagues and friends to each other...and citizens to their leaders......more

Elizabeth Edwards & Marriage Negotiations - What Tomorrow's Brides Can Learn

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Elizabeth Edwards is doing a GINORMOUS media tour to promote her new book Resilience that ...more