Circling the Wagons: How to Tie in Social Media with Your Online Marketing!

Everything is going social! Social engagement has become the pinnacle of online marketing. You have heard it all! But, are you prepared for the onslaught of viral messaging? Many websites have the concepts, have the notion but the wagons aren’t circled.In this article I am going to tell you how to optimize your online properties to get the most out of your social media efforts. ...more

4 Golden Rules to Building Great Relationships On Social Media

“What’s the ROI of social media?” Without a doubt, that’s the million dollar question in the digital marketing industry. Everyone is hot to trot on metric reports and analytic tools (which are important, don’t get me wrong!), but I want to step back and look at some of the qualitative value that social media brings to the table....more

Why Social Engagement Is Crucial for Business

Have you logged into Facebook or Twitter today? If you haven’t yet, I’m sure you will. So many of us spend so much time on our social networks. We are talking to our friends, looking at our favorite products and event talking to companies. Social media is essential to how we communicate on a daily basic now.  How does this affect the approach of businesses?...more

Geeking Out on New Mobile Apps for Business

It’s really quite amazing how much technology is revolutionizing the world. Every day people are coming up with ingenious ideas that are not only beneficial to society as a whole, but transform the way humans interact and connect with one another. This is especially true in the business world where mobile applications are becoming more intuitive, allowing you to network creating more social engagement in ways that weren’t possible even just a couple years ago....more

Who's Reading Your Blog? PostRank Tracks Reader Engagement in Real Time

PostRank is the third look at web analytics tools in this series. In the past couple of weeks, we've also had a look at Google Analytics and Woopra. PostRank offers more services than just analytics, but this post will only examine the web metrics aspect of what they do. ...more

gives me a chance to mention something I didn't say in the article. PostRank used to be called ...more