Punching Pride in the Stomach

You know what's awful? Failure. Admitting the whole idea was dumb, I just don't have the ability, no one would buy it anyways, and I should have stuck with what I knew. It would be catastrophic to bet my life (because time is life) on a dumb idea. But every entreprenurial idea is based on a lot of assumptions, and you know what they say about assumptions: they make an ass out of u and Umption (whoever the heck Umption is). The basic assumption is that if you build something, people will want it. ...more

Monday Motivation: Power Down and Don’t You Regret It!

It’s Monday morning, and if you are like me, this means you are catching up on tons of email, writing out your weekly plan, goals for the week, and trying to decide what to tackle first. This Monday is especially hectic because last week, I fell sick after taking care of two sick children. Although I am not 100 percent better, I feel well enough to get in a full day’s worth of work and then some. This morning, only for about half a second, I allowed myself to regret not powering up this weekend. ”If only I had written at least one post, I may be a little further along this morning.“ No. ...more
I have been doing this since December, and it has made a world of difference in my family life. ...more

Global Engagment Summit: A Light of Hope in a Gray Year

Wellesley College student, Catlin Powers, is the co-founder of One Earth Designs. The organization helps Himalayan communities, "achieve their unique visions of sustainable living through science/engineering education and infrastructure development."  ...more