The Tinder Fat Suit Experiment

There’s these two videos going around the internet these days. I’m sure most of you have seen them. A hot guy and a hot girl post profiles of themselves on Tinder and then when their dates show up they are wearing fat suits. It’s been labelled a social experiment to see how men and women react when the person they meet online doesn’t look like the real life version standing in front of them....more

We Were an Interracial Family for a Weekend

For a weekend, we were an interracial family of sorts.  My teen daughter is now in health class and part of the class requires students to bring home a "fake baby" for a weekend.  They offer an alternative to being a parent for a weekend which is an extensive writing assignment.  My daughter wanted to do the writing assignment but since she's a good writer, she knew that wouldn't be a monumental challenge for her so she opted to bring home baby.  I am proud of her choice.  She could have taken the easy way out and who could have blamed her?...more
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Surviving on $20 for 20 Days: A Lesson in Life & Food

Last week, MommyQ came across an interesting story about a college student at University of Texas who is trying to prove that $20 is a decent amount of money. David Lee, a senior at UT and an advertising major, decided to see if he could exist on $20 worth of food for 20 days. He got the idea from a contest being hosted by UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?’ First, the serious points… ...more