Where there's smoke . . .

"Do you smell that?" I asked my husband.He sniffed the air. “I guess so. Smells like smoke.”Peter wasn’t smoking at the time, so I knew it wasn’t cigarette smoke I detected. We were standing in the backyard to escape the stuffy duplex that we rented. In contrast to the warmth inside, there was a slight chill in the outside air that surprised me on the early July evening....more

Why social isolation may cause mental illness

How many times have you read about a murder in which the people who knew the murderer say he was "a loner"? And that he didn't show much emotion? Quite a bit. It might now be a bit easier to understand the science behind that commonality.In a new study, scientists found that when adult mice are isolated from social contact, their brains produce less myelin (the sheath around the nerve fibers). They also found that they had fewer myelin-forming cells in the part of the brain used for thinking and complex emotions. Here's the article I read:...more