FOMO: Are You a Victim of the Latest Epidemic?

There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation.  It’s affecting young people everywhere, and side effects include: going out to parties and social gatherings even when you aren’t up for it, frantically and obsessively scrolling though social media channels to see what your peers are up to, and/or not being able to say ‘no’ to any invitation for a night (or, I guess day) out of any kind. What is this reason behind all of this madness?  FOMO....more

How to Get A Guy/Girl To Really Like You!

Most people can get a date. Usually the problem is getting beyond the initial encounter and moving forward to a second and third date. Part of the issue is that in today’s busy society of emails, texting, video chat and online dating people are serial dating. If you have two or three dates in a week it is virtually impossible to remember interesting and important facts about each person. You may connect with someone on your date but before you can think of planning to see them again, you have date #2 to go on and then #3....more

What To Do On A Date?

On the First Few Dates...more

Just A Little Bit Of Normal

I had lunch with an old friend from high school today. We don't get together often enough but when we do we always have a great time. We'd lost touch  30 yrs or so ago, but thanks to social media and the fact that she's moved home, we've reconnected.I'm so glad we can easily pick up where we left off....more

How To Balance Your Personal Life And Entertainment Career

By: Stan PopovichHere are a few suggestions on what a person in the entertainment industry can do to balance their personal life and their entertainment career....more

Pro Active Social Life

I have complained here often about my need to keep our social life intact. The cause being that my parents had completely shut theirs down and the results were absolutely no friends at Mom's funeral. I so hated that. I have found that you have to be a bit proactive in the endeavour to keep your social life ACTIVE! So for the past year I have pushed that to keep ours moving. In fact....more

Having a Social Life When You're a Single Parent

Eleven years ago, I didn’t have a care in the world. I was a recent college graduate living on my own outside of NYC, and my only responsibilities included bills and work. Any night of the week you could catch me at a bar or lounge in the city, sometimes until three or four a.m., and then waking up the following morning at seven to prepare for work. My social life was in full swing.  It came to an end when I found out I was pregnant with my son in 1999. “Partying like it was 1999" turned into planning for my son’s future. ...more


Get your chauffeur hat ready! At 13, I am part mom and part car-I am a new ...more

Why I Stay Home

I have another one of those social thingies to go to tonight. I was all hot-to-trot when I first heard about it, drinks at an Irish pub downtown, 6-8pm. I planned the 'when shall I wash my hair, do my nails' around it--all the girly stuff that makes going out an anticipatory blowout. But now that the 'witching hour is drawing nigh, I'm all--eh, meh, and bleh. ...more

Plan of Action!

Time to write another blog post. What should my topic be? Hmmm... The beautiful changing leaves of the Seattle landscape? The upcoming holiday season? How about shoes? (I did participate in some fabulous shoe therapy this past weekend.) I've got it! How about my kids!! I heard that! Even through the laptop keyboard I can feel the collective groan of my regular readers. "Please" you are shouting. "Not your kids AGAIN!" ...more

Sisterhood of the Traveling Minivans

For decades when I lived in Cleveland, girlfriends would get together once a month (first ...more