How to Make Friends in Middle Age

Studies show that social relationships have a big impact on the mental and physical health, quality of life and even mortality levels of women over 50.  In other words, having friends in midlife increases the odds you’ll live longer, healthier and with all your marbles....more

How to have a social life (even if you have kids)

Growing up seems to come at the expense of losing social ties, especially when kids enter the picture. Back in college, every day was a social life; you lived, ate, studied, partied, bumped into and were surrounded with friends. Then you graduate and become “adults,” and gradually the every-day-of-the-week going out turned into only-on-the-weekend hangouts, until eventually you’re just too tired to stay awake past 11pm. Suddenly you find yourself with three kids and few chances to brush your hair, much less look presentable for a friend....more

Social Life Nostalgia

At 23 weeks I have reached the state in which dropped objects don't fall directly on the floor, but hit my stomach first. This is becoming increasingly inconvenient especially because most of the objects I am talking about are food items, or toothpaste, or hair product, or similar things that leave stains on my shirt....more
I've been thinking a lot about how as parents.... and a specially as mothers, we are put into a ...more