Social Media Etiquette for the Recent Graduate

Graduation is a pivotal time in a young adult’s life which can bring about a sense of great joy as well as great anxiety. Over 2 million educated graduates entered the workforce this spring, yet there are over 40% of millennials that are unemployed in the US. Needless to say, competition is stiff and it’s no secret that it is hard to find a job....more

Social Media Is not Your Friend

By Dr. Alissa Johnson, Faculty Member, School of STEM at American Military UniversityI consider myself a light-weight Facebook user. Most of my friends L-O-V-E Facebook. They are all in! Of all of those that surround me, let me tell you why I am a light-weight user. Let’s peel back the smelly onion of social media....more

What Peeple Totally Got Wrong About the Internet

Suddenly, an app with a great deal of financial backing is on the horizon, and it essentially stands for the opposite of my goals on social media. As much as the founders would like to believe otherwise, I believe this app will only promote an outlet for under-regulated personal attacks and the general approval of emotionally-driven judgments about people in our lives. In other words, I am not a fan. ...more
stirrupqueen there's a complete disconnect from compassionmore

Moms, Social Media and their Millennial Teens

I'm an entrepreneur and my business requires me to spend a significant amount of time on social media.I am also a Mom of a teen and like most of his counterparts, he too, spends a great deal of time on social media.My top 5 most frequently used tools are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope....more

MJ didn't get it either....What the heck is a meme?

Who you trying to school, fool?That should have been Michael Jordan's response to the kid who tried to make MJ look like a fool.Yes, even the great MJ got hit with the latest viral internet tsunami. ...more

6 Things to Do After a Blogging Conference

If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, you’re probably familiar with the term “conference hangover.”...more
Jill, thanks for the post! This was the first time I attended BlogHer and I'm curious about ...more

The One Question You Must Stop Asking Your Kids

It’s unpopular but fair to say parenting today has become a helicoptering debacle. With tidal wave force, we’ve ushered in a new child-rearing style that probably isn’t doing our kids any favors in the life prep department. We’ve become nearly obsessed with our children’s diets, friends, grades, sports, and activities. And any category in which they are falling short is quickly redirected or remedied by us: their loving, devoted parents. ...more
I like this article. My question for my kids is often  how you felt in a camp or at school or ...more

How To Lose a Facebook Friend in 10 Posts

People unknowingly lose friendships over social media. It’s not usually through direct hurtful comments (which as we know are far too easy from behind the “safety” of your screen), but from the incessant over posting and poor etiquette.  Save yourself and your friends from these Facebook faux pas....

Schedule Tweets in Just 6 Quick Steps

While my husband says I'm an addict, I say I love to be on Twitter as much as the next person (tweet me!)....more
Thanks for sharing and on the reminder on Hootsuite, I kept forgetting to look it up and sign ...more

6 Steps to Take Charge of Your Social Media Usage

Breaking our links and ties to social media is an daunting task. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connect us with people and places far away, and we don't need to leave the room. Fascinating, yes. The problem is that it's hard to turn off that computer and do something else more productive. ...more
I needed to read this post. I grab my Mac to work on my blog first thing in the morning and I ...more