LinkedIn is like having a Yenta Friend: They tell Everything"See who's viewed your profile," is the new, "Want to know what so and so said about you?" LinkedIn is anything but discreet. The site is like the yenta friend who can't wait to tell you what someone else did....more

Can tech turn out the vote in 2016?

Until 2012, only unions had the army to turn out votes and money. Then a Freshman Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama changed the rules. He raised more money than the unions could provide and he formed his army of millennial for the votes....more

Why I Quit Facebook

Over time, it became very overwhelming to me to take an active interest in the various happenings of over 100 people. That's not to say I don't care; I do care, and that's probably part of the problem. It was even more emotionally taxing to interact with strangers and to unwittingly become tangled in arguments, disagreements or even just lengthy conversations with friends-of-friends. I'm saying this as an extrovert, so I can only imagine how draining this must be for the introverted type. ...more
Lisa Thomson  Thank you! You could always give it a try and see how it works for you: you can ...more

3 Ways Social Media Prolongs Breakups

The hardest part of a divorce is not the legal part. That's a drop in the bucket. Getting emotionally divorced. That's the kicker. It is in trying to detach from all of the anger that can so easily turn into bitterness. Perhaps it is watching your partner make changes that you had been begging him or her to make. Sadness, from feelings of personal failure. Watching your children trying to cope. Fear, from new worries, perhaps financial concerns or just being alone. Confusion, as your friends and family try to be supportive, but their lives go on as normal....more
survivelivethrive  So glad you enjoyed it!  That disengagement is hard when you have kids so you ...more

Facebook Depression and How To Avoid It

 Does Facebook cause depression? That is a tricky question....more

Facebook Marketing is HUGE Right Now

In November 2006, Facebook Pages were released as an advertising platform. Before its launch, marketing a website online meant that the business owner purchased ads to advertise their products and services. Facebook now has one billion users, 58% of which return to it more than once a day. This has given business owners an awesome opportunity to market their services or products online. The beauty of Facebook is that it is designed to encourage brand loyalty. Potential or existing customers and interested parties visit and share freely, encouraging other people to do the same. Basically, Facebook encourages word of mouth advertising....more

If Major Social Media Sites Had Kardashian Personalities, Which Would They Be?

When I started blogging at Pecked To Death By Chickens 5 months ago, I was on Facebook and that was it.  As I have luxuriated in the blogosphere, I have dipped my toe farther into the social media water.  It gets a little confusing with so many different outlets and trying to figure out the best way to prioritize....more

Job Hunting? Get Noticed (In a Good Way) On Social Media

We’ve all heard the horror stories of party pictures and rude comments posted on social media swaying a potential employer from hiring a candidate.  Basic mistakes can cost you a job.  But what does one do to stand out from the crowd when job hunting? Here are some key tips for using social media to get noticed in the right way.Harness the Power of LinkedIn...more

All I Want Is To Be Your Harbour: Community Online

One of the things that I love best about our new online-based world is that I never feel alone. And for an introvert, who often likes being alone, that can be sometimes overwhelming. Like the real world, the online world can be too much. But as a rule, my online world has treated me well. It’s more than a couple of social networks – it’s an entire community, there day and night, just like a real community is....more