Schedule Tweets in Just 6 Quick Steps

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Thanks for sharing and on the reminder on Hootsuite, I kept forgetting to look it up and sign ...more

6 Steps to Take Charge of Your Social Media Usage

Breaking our links and ties to social media is an daunting task. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connect us with people and places far away, and we don't need to leave the room. Fascinating, yes. The problem is that it's hard to turn off that computer and do something else more productive. ...more
I needed to read this post. I grab my Mac to work on my blog first thing in the morning and I ...more

Grateful Social Media Wasn’t Around When I Was a Kid

There is not a day that goes by where I forget to thank my lucky stars for being born in 1980.I mean it. I am grateful for this fact every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life.Why? Because in 1992 I was an extremely goofy 12 year old, and there is very little photographic evidence of this fact.Why else? Because in 1996, when I was a 16-year-old making stupid decisions with other 16 year olds, the vast majority of those stupid decisions went undocumented....more

Why So Much Hate?


“My Staff Doesn’t DO Social Media” is Killing Your Social Media Potential

When I discuss how important in-house contribution is for social media marketing with (TOO MANY) small business owners, I hear:“But, my staff doesn’t DO Social Media.”First of all, statistics tell us that’s not true....more

Just Live

"The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it."-Richard Bach         ...more

Don't be a Twitt... Social Media in the workplace

It is incredible what employees will post on their twitter and Facebook accounts. Comments about their job, their boss and the company they work for are often found in status updates and in posts.  ...more

LinkedIn is like having a Yenta Friend: They tell Everything"See who's viewed your profile," is the new, "Want to know what so and so said about you?" LinkedIn is anything but discreet. The site is like the yenta friend who can't wait to tell you what someone else did....more

Can tech turn out the vote in 2016?

Until 2012, only unions had the army to turn out votes and money. Then a Freshman Senator from Illinois named Barack Obama changed the rules. He raised more money than the unions could provide and he formed his army of millennial for the votes....more

Why I Quit Facebook

Over time, it became very overwhelming to me to take an active interest in the various happenings of over 100 people. That's not to say I don't care; I do care, and that's probably part of the problem. It was even more emotionally taxing to interact with strangers and to unwittingly become tangled in arguments, disagreements or even just lengthy conversations with friends-of-friends. I'm saying this as an extrovert, so I can only imagine how draining this must be for the introverted type. ...more
Lisa Thomson  Thank you! You could always give it a try and see how it works for you: you can ...more