Social media sites like Facebook greatly contribute to career opportunities and advancement in career fields

Major social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter have over the time played an integral role in the various career opportunities, which are available throughout the world both for academic and for business purposes. This has been enabled by various factors all linked up to the social network platforms which have been made more user friendly....more

Reality Check – We Don’t Actually Give a Sh*t. We’re Robots!

I'm not even a cynic and I can see it everywhere. Cultural and media imperialism/penetration and to a large extent social media and the production of smart phones, have us all glued to tablets playing games when all else is dying. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a Masters Degree in Communications (UK) but when the heck did it become okay for social media and cyberspace to replace a hug when someone has died, or a call to a sick relative, or sending a nice card?...more
Yep, it has! I would stare at my phone and laptop than have a face to face -- or anything other ...more

Life Lived Online

 <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>Last week I took a 24-hour break from social media. Now for me, this is pretty big. I actively post on three sites and a few others less often.I dream about posting; I dream about having my Facebook page liked or unliked; I dream about gaining Twitter followers. Surely during the nighttime hours of sleep my mind could occupy itself with sweeter images than these. And yet…...more

Know Your Enemies: Why It’s A Good Idea To Track Your Competitors on Social Media

Some researchers say that social media is making us a little narcissistic. It is true that we all – even brands – spend a lot of time counting likes and followers and retweets. But if you really want to connect with social users, create effective marketing strategies, and fill in service gaps you’ve got to know what your audience is saying about your competitors, too.Monitor – but don’t get trapped in negativity...more

Eggplant and Me

The Vegan FilesMy mother told me a lot of stories when I was growing up.  Some made me roll my eyes with the morals they were meant to convey and others I just plain couldn’t believe.  But then there were some that I never got tired of hearing no matter how many times she repeated them.  Most of these had something to do with Yiddish words or with the intricacies of observance in the Jewish faith....more
Baked eggplant parm is a lot healthier than the more common fried kind. The baked variety can ...more

Using Social Media the FAB Way!!

In today’s world, using the Internet has become a valuable way to connect to people and pass the time. Businesses use social media to promote and advertise. And people in general use it is a great way to get their information to people on a larger scale. This media enables the average user to broadcast and communicate on a totally different level....more

Social Media Etiquette for the Recent Graduate

Graduation is a pivotal time in a young adult’s life which can bring about a sense of great joy as well as great anxiety. Over 2 million educated graduates entered the workforce this spring, yet there are over 40% of millennials that are unemployed in the US. Needless to say, competition is stiff and it’s no secret that it is hard to find a job....more

Social Media Is not Your Friend

By Dr. Alissa Johnson, Faculty Member, School of STEM at American Military UniversityI consider myself a light-weight Facebook user. Most of my friends L-O-V-E Facebook. They are all in! Of all of those that surround me, let me tell you why I am a light-weight user. Let’s peel back the smelly onion of social media....more

What Peeple Totally Got Wrong About the Internet

Suddenly, an app with a great deal of financial backing is on the horizon, and it essentially stands for the opposite of my goals on social media. As much as the founders would like to believe otherwise, I believe this app will only promote an outlet for under-regulated personal attacks and the general approval of emotionally-driven judgments about people in our lives. In other words, I am not a fan. ...more
stirrupqueen there's a complete disconnect from compassionmore

Moms, Social Media and their Millennial Teens

I'm an entrepreneur and my business requires me to spend a significant amount of time on social media.I am also a Mom of a teen and like most of his counterparts, he too, spends a great deal of time on social media.My top 5 most frequently used tools are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Periscope....more