I am not missing my kids' childhoods

Do you feel guilty for looking at your phone, instead of playing with your kids? That the essence of Outlaw Mama's post today regarding the impact of social media on our kids. I think she hit it spot on. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter have connected me to other moms and now I don't feel so isolated in this world of diapers, whining, and endless days....more
 @jeszimsmi Agreed.more

My Family is Killing My Klout Score

I've mentioned a time or two that I'm a wee bit controlling.And that I thrive on all things quantifiable.Given those two facts, you won't be surprised to hear that I have had a love affair with Klout.I have a morning routine that goes a little something like this:Get up and greet my husband, who typically has two hours on his day already....more
I love this post. And it's part of what inspired me to CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. Because I was spending ...more