How to Manage Your Facebook Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

Your day is packed with appointments, phone calls, emails and actual work, right?  When are you supposed to fit in your social media time?  People ask me this question all the time, and my answer never varies.  How much time do you already spend on marketing?  This is part of your marketing. That doesn’t mean it needs to take you all day. Let’s break it down. ...more
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10 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following Fast

 Unfortunately, building your following on social media isn't as easy as it used to be. Slapping up a profile on all of the major social networking sites just isn't enough. You need to put the effort in if you’re going to attract a following that’s loyal to you! Here are ten ways to go about doing that....more

How To Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

We’ve seen quite a bit of research recently demonstrating the value of using video content in your social media activity....more

Social Media Marketing Specialists Web N' Retail Can Help You While You Are Concentrating on Your Music

Social Media activities take time that is crucial for an Indie Artist. Web n’ Retail professionals in Social Media Marketing can help you while you are concentrating fully on your music. Having a good Music Marketing campaign is helpful to take your band to the next level. With over 21 years experience, Web ‘n Retail, a division of Rock ‘n Retail, has managed campaigns for over 250 artists on major and independent labels as well as other music related projects such as music website launches, apps, and concert events....more

How to Build an Engaged Social Following for Brand “X”

How do you build brand engagement through your social following? In this article Bob Speyer, our Web Success Team contributor tell us how! It’s easy to create a social buzz for a name bands celebs do it through rabid fans to drive the online interest and the majors like coca-cola do it with smart marketing and trillions of ad dollars....more

4 Golden Rules to Building Great Relationships On Social Media

“What’s the ROI of social media?” Without a doubt, that’s the million dollar question in the digital marketing industry. Everyone is hot to trot on metric reports and analytic tools (which are important, don’t get me wrong!), but I want to step back and look at some of the qualitative value that social media brings to the table....more

Content Marketing: Social Sharing vs. Social Stealing

by Rebecca Buscemi Finding daily content for your target market can be a tedious task. It takes a lot of time to search for valuable information to share with the people that are taking the time to listen to what you have to say....more

How to Handle Customer Complaints on Social Media

Knowing how to handle customer service through social media is an important part of your marketing efforts.  We’re going to talk specifically about Facebook in this post but the principles we discuss apply to all of your platforms....more