Socially Stephanie: Social Media Outreach & Networking

Dear Socially Stephanie, I'm a shy guy. Ever since I was little. Meeting new people, making phone calls, even just casual conversations at cocktail parties... it's never been easy. ...more

Helpful Tweeting

A lot of people within the social media world describe Twitter as a way to have a conversation and engage people. And while I agree with that, I think that’s a bit vague — what does it mean to “engage” people on Twitter? How do you have a “conversation” on Twitter? I’d like to piggyback on Christy’s post from Tuesday, which talks about finding and exchanging information via Twitter. That’s one good way to use the site, and I do it too. I did, however, want to draw attention to another example of a great way to use Twitter that happened to me last week....more

How to Use Twitter for Your Business

I have social media on my mind right now, particularly the connection between social media and small businesses. My favorite social media tool is Twitter, because it encourages brevity and conversation, which is hard to find in one package. But there's an art to using Twitter well, especially if you're tweeting as the voice of a business or brand....more

36hrs left to give BETH KANTER what she wants for her Birthday!!!:Uniforms and school supplies for Cambodian children

Calling all Bloghers…time to make Beth Kanter’s Birthday wishes come true!She's asking for $10 to help improve school conditions for children in Cambodia. And she deserves to have her birthday wishes come true!   ...more
I opine that the argument essay accomplishing is the most time taking thing. However, students ...more

BlogHer Business Day Two: Social Media Outreach Break-out Session #3

We Don't Know What to Do with You The elephant in the room is how marketers are blowing it with women outside the young, white mom demographic. This issue bubbled to the top during BlogHer 07's State of the Momosphere panel. When a couple of MommyBloggers of color voiced their dismay at feeling alternately pandered to and ignored by companies who are currently crawling the blogosphere, a marketer in the room actually uttered the now-famous words that comprise the title of this session. ...more

When Jory asked that question (Who here is in PR/Communications vs. who here is a blogger?) ...more

BlogHer Business Day Two: Social Media Outreach Breakout #1

Who You Are, Not What You Do Synopsis: Social media outreach can help you do way more than sell a product or propagate can tell your customers who you are. So, how does that help your company through good times and bad? Author and Weber-Shandwick Chief Reputation Officer, Leslie Gaines-Ross has some insight on just that. ...more

BlogHer Business Day One: Social Media Outreach Case Studies

Case Study #1: General Motors Synopsis: Last November General Motors approached podcasters The Manic Mommies about sponsoring the first-ever Manic Mommies Escape Weekend. GM’s sponsorship focused primarily on providing transportation options toattendees. ...more

First thanks to Rita and all the other live bloggers for keeping those of us who could not ...more