The Security Costs of being too Social

One of the arguments against being very virtually social is that nobody is SO important that everyone wants to know, for instance, that this person is going to be at the local sports bar watching the Super Bowl (or almost nobody; sad to say, some celebrities have half the world following them)....more

10 Tips to Protect Yourself on Social Networks

With the prevalence of mobile devices, more than ever, it’s easy for us to share our lives with the world. And yes, social networks are all about staying in touch with friends and family, and sharing events in your life, but perhaps it’s too easy to share information?...more

No Selfies Please!

Q. Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit....more

New Social Network for Survivors of Abuse

Update: The Dandelion is live!Hello everyone! The time has come to put this blog to bed. It has served it's purposed, but I have moved on to bigger and better things! I've had an idea brewing in the back of my mind for awhile now, and I'm finally making it a reality....more

The Changing of Infidelity

We hear about it all too often: Internet and social media affairs. I know I have come across a few stories that were bad enough to make it in the news or newspaper. Man developes a romantic interest in someone online or on a social network and boom!!! Sin City. A story not as old as times but fast becoming the norm in modern day society. Just like the face of the internet is changing our lives and technology making certain facets of our lives easier, so is it making cheating easier and changing the landscape of how men and women view and value their relationships. ...more

Google Plus Welcomes Minors, Still Has Issues to Resolve

At the end of January, Google's social network Google Plus quietly opened the doors to minors ages 13 and over. This is something that anyone managing a Google+ Page already suspected, based on the choices when creating the page to make it 18 and over. What users didn't expect was that Google+ would open its gates so soon, with so many issues still left to address. ...more

Get More Blog Traffic By Being Part Of Cyber Connect Social Network

Gain more traffic, Connect with great people and bloggers all over the world in Cyber Connect and boost your online presence at a spot.Become a member now at, and take advantage of what they got to offer! Happy connection.....more

Social Network'ed

So many social networks out there. I’m on a few....more

Spare Me!!!

The following was posted on a friend's Facebook page...I loved it!!Allow me to speak on behalf of the 90+% who "won't re-post this". We don't re-post it because it's generally asinine and or juvenile. I don't need to engage in "slacktivism" to prove to you or anyone else, my love of God, Country, the Military, children, animals or sick people. PLEASE, whatever you do in life, DO NOT re-post this as your statusAmen!!!  I am one of the 90+%!!  Think about these posts when you see them:...more

Social Networking Security Awareness

One in five online consumers has been a victim of cybercrime in the past two years. Social networking is a direct link to the problem. While social networks allow you to keep in touch with family and friends, there are issues to be concerned about.Most concerns revolve around online reputation management, identity theft, or physical security issues. Social networking creates a risk of posting content that will be damaging to yourself, your profile being hacked or your credentials being compromised, or inviting burglars to your home by publicizing your whereabouts....more